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Mercer provides full support for Dell and Apple computers purchased through the IT department. Equipment considered end of life hardware may still be serviced, but charges may apply. Please see the Computer Equipment Service and Support Policy for information regarding service charges.

If your computer is end of life, visit our purchasing website for replacement options.


Check Computer Age by "Property of Mercer" Sticker

Every Mercer-supported computer has a "Property of Mercer" sticker containing an identification number. In 2010, this number began including the year and the month the machine was deployed. The sticker is usually placed in the following locations:

  • Dell Desktops:  On top of the computer, near the front.
  • Dell Laptops:  On the back of the display.
  • Apple iMacs:  On the back of the computer.
  • Apple MacBooks:  On the back of the display.

If the identification number is 7 digits long, the first 2 numbers represent the year the device was deployed, and the next 2 numbers represent the month. For example, if a computer has a sticker with 1201326, it was deployed in January 2012.

If the identification number is not 7 digits long, the computer's age must be verified by the serial number or service tag. See information below for instructions.


Locating Dell Service Tags

Dell uses product identifiers like Service Tag, Express Service Code, or Serial Number to access product information like technical specifications, documentation, warranty. The Dell Service Tag is a 7 character alphanumeric code used to identify specific products.

  • Laptops: The Service Tag is located on the bottom panel of the laptop.
  • Desktops: The Service Tag is located either on the top, side or on the back panel of the computer.


Check Dell Computer Age

Follow the instructions below to determine the age of a Dell computer.

  1. Visit the Dell Support page:
  2. Enter your 7 character alphanumeric Service Tag in the Search Support box and select the Search button.

  3. Select the View warranty details link in the Warrant status box.

  4. The Mercer end of life date is 5 years after the Ship Date shown for Dell desktops and 4 years after the Ship Date for Dell laptops.


Check Apple Computer Age

Locate the "Property of Mercer" sticker and identification number on your computer. The sticker is usually placed in the following locations:

  • Apple iMacs:  On the back of the computer.
  • Apple MacBooks:  On the back of the display.

If the identification number is 7 digits long, the first 2 numbers represent the year the device was deployed, and the next 2 numbers represent the month. For example, if a computer has a sticker with 1201326, it was deployed in January 2012.

The Mercer end of life date is 5 years after the deployment date for Apple iMacs and 4 years after the deployment date for Apple MacBooks.


What Is Dell Service Tag? How To Lookup And Check Your Tag Number


Quick Answer

Dell Service Tag is a unique 7-character code found on all the Dell products that you buy. Mostly found at the side, back, or under dell products, it serves as the identifying number of the product for online support as well as any other thing that may be involved with the product.

Each computer that you buy is unique in a way because it carries a specific number that you will not find on any other one including those of the same model. With Dell, the number is referred to as the Dell Service Tag. The number is exclusive to your computer and it can serve for many things and also as the identifier of your computer.

The service tag is available on all Dell laptops, desktops, and all-in-one computers. While on your laptop you will find it at the bottom, you may find it underneath a flap under the laptop, and you will find it at the top of your CPU on desktops and sometimes, you will find it at the back close to the ports. For desktops that come with covers for the optical drives, the service tag will be found behind the cover while you will find it underneath ultrasmall form factor desktops. If you are using an all-in-one computer, the service tag will be at the back of your system.

What Is Dell Service Tag?

Dell Service tag is a unique alphanumeric character code that is used as the identifier of your Dell products (computers and laptops). Why the tag is very important is because, through it, you will get access to information about your device as well as get other personalized support options.

The tag contains 7 alphanumeric characters as against the Express Service Code which is the numeric version of the Service Tag. The Express Service Code is between 10 to 11 digits.

When you are contacting the Dell customer support rep, you will be asked to provide the service tag of your system because it is important to use in checking whatever you may need with the system including the hardware, configuration settings, and warranty.

How To Lookup And Check Your Tag Number

Apart from the bottom, side, or back of your computer where you can find the Dell service tag, there are other ways that you can find or look up for the number if it gets wiped off.

1. Through the Dell website

One of the best ways that you can check your Dell Service Tag is through the website of Dell.

  • Using your Dell computer, simply go to the site and then you will see a field telling you to Enter a Dell Service Tag, Dell EMC Product ID, or Model.
  • Click on the Detect PC button beside it. For some, what you will see is Detect Product.
  • In the support page that will open next, you will find a seven-digit code at the top with a “Service Tag” heading. Apart from the service tag, you will also find the 11 digit Express Service code which you can also use for identifying your system via phone support.

2. In the BIOS

You can look for the Service tag of your computer in the BIOS of the system. To do this:

  • Shut down your system completely.
  • As it comes back on, tap the F2 key.
  • In the BIOS, go to your System Information and there, you will find the service tag. However, because that process may be long for some people, you can also use the command prompt.

3. Command Prompt

  • To open your command prompt, you may start by either tapping on the Windows Key and searching Command Prompt or open the Run command by holding down the Windows key and then press R.
  • In the Run Command, type CMD and hit the Enter key.
  • In the command prompt, type wmic bios get serialnumber and then hit on the enter key.
  • You will find the code under the SerialNumber.

4. Through Terminal on Linux

If you are using Linux, what you will use in checking for it is the terminal.

  • You can either use the Control + Alt + T to open the Terminal Window. You can also do that by double-clicking on the Terminal app icon.
  • Type in sudo dmidecode -s system-serial-number and then hit the Enter key.
  • The next thing you will need to do is to put in the administrator password and then hit on the Enter key. If it doesn’t appear as you type, you don’t need to worry.
  • Under the field for your password, you will see the Service Tag.

The Use of the Service Tag

Because it identifies your computer uniquely from all others, the service tag is important if you need anything about your computer. For example, if you want to look for any information on your computer on the Dell Support site, having the code and inserting it may just be the easiest way to do that.

Some of the information about your computer that you can get using the tag include the device warranty information and its specific specs. More so, you can use it to check the components of your computer, the original configuration settings, as well as the current configuration which will analyze your system to tell you.

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Other Questions

How do I find my Dell serial number?

To find the serial number of your Dell computer, there are different ways to find it including the Command Prompt. To do this, open the Run Command by holding down the Windows key and then tap on R. In the Run Command, type CMD and then type wmic bios get serialnumber in the command prompt. Once you press the Enter key, the serial number will be displayed under the SerialNumber.

How do I find my Dell service tag?

While you can find the Service Tag on your computer by looking around it, there are other methods to find the code as shown above using the Command Prompt, BIOS, or through the Dell support page.

How can I get a service tag remotely?

If you are trying to get the service tag remotely or locally, all you will need to do is to launch the Command prompt and then type in wmic /user:administrator /node:remote-host bios get serialnumber. Your administrator password will be required. While everything will remain the same, you will replace remote-host with the name or IP address you are trying to get.

You can also try using this in the Command Prompt before pressing the Enter button: wmic csproduct get vendor,name,identifyingnumber.

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How to Determine Your Dell Service Tag

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Find Service Tag / Serial Number / Product ID of Any PC/Laptop Using CMD Step By Step

For technical support or service on your computer you will need your service tag. Dell uses the service tag t check for device info such as specification and warranty status.

Finding the service tag is not  hard. The dell service tags are all unique so you will need to give the technical folks the correct one. This is important because the service tag identifies your computer and the hardware your computer shipped with.

When ever your computer has problems, you need to have the service tag as customer service will request for it.

What is the Dell service tag?

The dell service tag is a 7 digit character code usual a combination of letters and digits that is specific to your device. It is usually located at the bottom of laptops and back of desktop computers next to the windows product key on most computers. For example service tag SMPL783 below. Also note if your computer shows the express service code that will work to as it can be converted to a service tag and the other way round

Is the service tag same as serial number?

The dell service tag is different from the serial number but they both perform the same function. As shown in the image above the service tag is as mixture of characters and numbers whilst the serial code or service code is just a sting of numbers. You can use the convert one to the other hence having either one will work .

Where to find the service tag

The location of the dell service tag sticker varies with devices. Its not always as visible as in the Dell optiplex sticker picture above. For example in some alienware desktops you have to pull the section that covers the front usb port and audio jacks.

Here are the couple of places to check for for the sticker with the service code.

  1. On the bottom of laptops e.g on Dell inspiron its on the edge of the battery line.
  2. At the back of desktops usually near the VGA port, sometimes found next to the windows product key, so if you see the windows logo check there.
  3.  On some servers there a rubber sticker that you can pull at the back.

Basically look for a sticker like the one in the image of the optilex above.

How to find service tag if sticker is missing?

Sometimes the sticker is not always there.

Maybe the sticker rubbed or peeled off, not reason to worry.

The one on my XPS 13 already had vanished in less than 3 months. I do not know why they make the stickers easily removable. Just slight friction and it gets removed. Don’t worry though there are still plenty of ways to get the service tag without the sticker.

Find Service tag from BIOS.

First I will show you how to get the service tag from the BIOS menu

  1. Switch off the computer.
  2. Press the power button to turn the computer.
  3. On the Dell logo splash screen quickly press F2.
  4. On the Bios menu look for serivce tag, a 7 character code or combination of numbers and letters under system information.

Your BIOS menu will be different depending on the laptop or desktop you are using but you should be able to locate it on the Main or General category of the BIOS section.

Finding a dell service tag from the command line

If you are familiar with the windows command line you can also use it to find the service tag. You can use the command prompt or powershell. In windows press the windows start button, search for “run” right click and select run as administrator, alternative shortcut would be to press SHIFT+windows key + R key. Now type cmd press enter.

Enter the following command without quotes ” wmic bios get serialnumber”

This command uses the Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line (WMIC) to show you the data that you are looking from. The service tag number is the one under serialnumber.

You can even do this remotely but you need to have the administrator password. To access the service tag remotely this the command “wmic /user:administrator /node:remote-host bios get serialnumber” replace the remote-host in bold with the IP address or workstation name.

You can even get more info with the following command “wmic bios” this will get you bios, operating system information and other geeky information about the computer including the tag.


If you are using the Linux operating system you can also get the Dell service tag from the terminal. The command on linux is as follows:

Local Dell Computer or server

# dmidecode | grep -i serial
# dmidecode -t 1

Remote Dell computer or server

You will need to use secure shell. Depending on what you have the I.P Address or domain type either of the commands belows

$ ssh [email protected] OR $ ssh [email protected] to use the IP address

or just do $ ssh [email protected] dmidecode -s system-serial-number

$ ssh [email protected] dmidecode -s system-serial-number

Service tag using Powershell

You can also use powershell to find the service atg though its almost the same as the method above of using command prompt. For powershell use the Get-wmiObject command below

“Get-WmiObject win32_SystemEnclosure | select serialnumber”

How to find the Service Tag on a Dell Wyse product?

Dell system detect software

Dell created software that can detect the system that you are using this comes in handy when you are looking for the Dell service tag.

  1. Enter click this link
  2. Click detect system next to submit .
  3. Check the terms and conditions box and click continue.
  4. Downloading of software install should begin.
  5. Run the software and let it download the rest of the package about 2.5mb.
  6. The results will show on the website after its done detecting.

The methods above may also work on your powerdge 840 server or any server depending on the system and configuration.

Let us know in the comments sessions of what we missed.


Tag dell.service

Service tag

Updated: 08/02/2020 by Computer Hope

Dell Service Tag

A unique number given to Dell products that is often found on the bottom, side, or back of the product. Pictured is an example of what the Dell service tag looks like, which in this case accompanies the Microsoft Windows product key. This service tag helps identify your computer for online support and drivers and is also used to reset passwords on Dell laptop computers.

How do I find the service tag?

  1. Make sure you have a Dell computer.
  2. Look on the back of the computer for a sticker that resembles the sticker on the picture shown on this page. The sticker should have "Service Tag: <tag ID>" somewhere on the sticker.

Although the majority of Dell service tags are on the back of the computer, some are on the side. Dell servers may have the service tag on the front. Dell projectors have the service tag on the bottom of the projector. Dell handheld computers may have their tag located under the battery.

How to use the Dell service tag

Once you've found the Dell service tag, it can be used when calling Dell technical support or on the Dell support site to look up information about your computer.

Hardware terms, Model number, Serial number

How to Get Dell Service Tag Number

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