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1. Kannum Kannum Pesa Pesa (Thalaivii (2021))

2. The Bleeding Heart (Osara Parandhu Vaa) (Navarasa (2021))

3. Mahaan Title Poster Theme (Mahaan (2021))

4. Thooriga (Navarasa (2021))

5. Mazhai Mazhai (Thalaivii (2021))

6. Vaanil Pogum Megham (Annabelle Sethupathi (2021))

7. Dandanakka Dandanakka Thavuladi (Velan (2021))

8. Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum (The Healing Song) (Netrikann (2021))

9. Adipoli (Adipoli (2021))

10. Ammadi Ammadi (Desingu Raja (2013))

11. Oru Ora Ora Parvai (Desingu Raja (2013))

12. Nelaavattam Nethiyile (Desingu Raja (2013))

13. Yaarume Kekkave Illa (Desingu Raja (2013))

14. Pom Pom Pom (Desingu Raja (2013))

15. Ammadi Ammadi (Karaoke Version) (Desingu Raja (2013))

16. Oru Ora Ora Parvai (Karaoke Version) (Desingu Raja (2013))

17. Nelaavattam Nethiyile (Karaoke Version) (Desingu Raja (2013))

18. Yaarume Kekkave Illa (Karaoke Version) (Desingu Raja (2013))

19. Pom Pom Pom (Karaoke Version) (Desingu Raja (2013))

20. Enkanavinai (Desiya Geetham (1998))

21. Mannanai (Desiya Geetham (1998))

22. Naan Vaakapattu (Desiya Geetham (1998))

23. Nanba Nanba (Desiya Geetham (1998))

24. Appan Vettu (Desiya Geetham (1998))

25. Annal Ganthi (Desiya Geetham (1998))

26. Ladies Special (Desiya Geetham (1998))

27. Em Naayagane (Crazy Thamizhan (2017))

28. Nalai Namadhe (Nalai Namadhe (2018))

29. Kannala Nee (Kannala Nee (2019))

30. Thaaye Kadalammaa (Enakku Onnu Therinjaakanum (2020))

31. Sol Sol (Enakku Onnu Therinjaakanum (2020))

32. Visiladippom (Enakku Onnu Therinjaakanum (2020))

33. Amma Enga Pona (Enakku Onnu Therinjaakanum (2020))

34. Nellur Sarakku (Enakku Onnu Therinjaakanum (2020))

35. Unnakanna (Enakku Onnu Therinjaakanum (2020))

36. Un Mele Oru Kannu (D Imman - Best Love Songs (2018))

37. Thoovaanam (D Imman - Best Love Songs (2018))

38. Yaar Inda Muyalkutty (D Imman - Best Love Songs (2018))

39. Sollitaley Ava Kaadhala (D Imman - Best Love Songs (2018))

40. Mirutha Mirutha (D Imman - Best Love Songs (2018))

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There are a lot of people who cannot start their day without a beat of the best Tamil songs. Tamil songs tend to brighten up their days and put them in a good mood. If you too are a big fan of Tamil songs, then you must get your hands on the top 50 Tamil songs playlist. Curated byGaana, this playlist has the best 50 Tamil songs that you cannot stop listening to, on repeat. All the hit Tamil songs from the top 50 Tamil songs playlist are voiced by acclaimed Tamil singers in the Tamil music industry. Santhosh Dhayanidhi, Dhee, Stephen Zechariah, Silambarasan TR, Dharan Kumar are to name a few. Some of the most popular Tamil songs from top 50 Tamil songs playlist are Kutty Pattas, Enjoy Enjaami, Adi Penne, Mangalyam, Bujji, Asku Maaro, Master The Blaster, Jai Sulthan, Inna Mylu, and the list goes on. Download and listen to latest Tamil MP3 songs from top 50 Tamil songs playlist online exclusively on Gaana.com.

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The beginning of Tamil Songs was from the temples where people were appointed to sing divine songs. It is not to be stated that Tamil Nadu has its roots dig deep into its great tradition of folk arts and crafts. Through this, they display the traditions and skills which have come down from generations. It may amaze you that most of the Tamil Music is inspired by poems from the Sangam Literature. Tamil Paadal is famous worldwide because of its melodious tunes, the ones you cannot resist listening to on repeat. Tamil Movie Songs have not just received love and praises from urban places, but rural places as well.  Kollywood is famous worldwide for producing films with quite amazing plots. Not to forget, Tamil Songs also play an important role in the popularity of their films. The Tamil Film Industry majorly counts on Tamil Movie Songs for the success of their movies. Known as the land of music, art, and culture, Tamil Music has some legendary composers, who have received love and praise for their work from across the world.  A.R. Rahman and Ilaiyaraaja are the most acclaimed composers of the Tamil Music Industry. Both of them have contributed in producing Hit Tamil Movie Songs in the industry. Inspired by these legendary artists, Tamil Music Industry has witnessed the stepping in of some new-age artists, who are no less when it comes to producing top songs. Some of these are Yuvan Shankar Raja, D. Imman, Harris Jayaraj and many more. They are known as the score composers in the Tamil Music Industry. Some of their Latest Tamil Movie Songs are Darbar (Tamil), Pattas, Bigil, Master, Asuran, Naan Sirithal, Psycho (Tamil), Adithya Varma, Sooraral Pottru, and the list goes on.     Tamil Movie Songs are famous because of their innovative, charming and idealistic characteristics. These are perfectly blended with Western, Carnatic and other instruments, with a wide range of rhythmic and melodic patterns. Tamil Paadal has energetic and charming music, the type that makes you hum along with them. Listen to the best quality Tamil MP3 Movie Songs on Gaana.com.

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Pallangkuzhien - Aanandam - Tamil Video Song -S A Rajkumar - Unnikrishnan - Harini - Sneha

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Dhee ft. Arivu - Enjoy Enjaami (Prod. Santhosh Narayanan)

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