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How to Set Up a Samsung Gear Fit2 Fitness Tracker

Home Screen

The Watch screen shows the time, your step count, and calories burned by default. You can change the watch face by pressing and holding the watch screen, then tap Stylize.
Samsung Gear Fit2 smartwatch home screen

  • Push the Home button to access your apps screen.


This app will let you choose your activity type, and log your exercise.

  1. Tap Start to begin monitoring.
  2. Push the Back button to pause and resume monitoring.
  3. Push Back, then tap Finish to stop monitoring.


Widgets let you quickly and easily access some limited functionality of your fitness tracker, such as a simple way to check your heart rate.

  1. Swipe left through your current widgets.
    Example of different watch screens available
  2. Swipe right from the home screen to add a new widget.
    add widget screen
  3. To delete a widget, find it, then tap and hold on the screen, then tap Delete.

Status Panel

To access the status panel, swipe down from the top edge.
status panel

  • Here, you'll see the simple status bar showing if your watch is connected via Bluetooth or WiFi, and the battery charge.
  • You can adjust how bright the display is by tapping the icon on the left.
  • You can enable Do Not Disturb mode, muting your fitness tracker and phone with the button on the right.
  • You'll also find fast access to control the music from your phone.
  1. Open Settings.
    iOS Settings.
  2. Select Bluetooth.
    iOS Bluetooth
  3. Ensure that the Bluetooth toggle is in the On position.
    Bluetooth toggle switch highlighted in iOS settings.
  1. Open the App Store.
    app store icon

  2. Type in "Samsung Gear" in the search bar.
  3. Find Samsung Gear in the search results and tap on GET.
    app store search for samsung gear and get button highlighted

  4. Tap on Install to start download.
  5. Tap OPEN.
    app store page for gear with open button highlighted

11 Reasons to love (and hate) Samsung’s Gear Fit 2

The Samsung Gear Fit 2 is the latest fitness tracker to hit the market, and with all the flash that surrounded the announcement event, there are still some reasons to be sour on the device. We’ve taken a look at the specs and seen the Gear Fit 2 hands-on, now we’ll explain the reasons we both love and hate what the Gear Fit 2 has to offer.

Huge display makes swiping and running easy (LOVE)


The Gear Fit 2 features a 1.5-inch Super AMOLED curved display, and one that really pops. The display shows enough information to keep you rolling, and is extremely responsive when trying to swipe quickly through your options. Plus, the display looks great even when viewing in direct sunlight, so you won’t have to worry about adjusting anything while doing your outdoor workouts.

Does our wrist really need a huge screen on it? (HATE)

Easily navigating is great, but many smartwatches and fitness bands do that without a gigantic screen plastered to your wrist. If you want to standout, that’ll work just fine, but this loud arm charm doesn’t exactly blend in and won’t be for everyone.

Wireless charging is super easy (LOVE)

samsung fast wireless charger

Wireless charging is pretty much a necessity nowadays, with more and more manufacturers including Qi-wireless charging in various devices. Samsung hits the mark here with the Gear Fit 2 and its charging cradle that you can just drop it in and go.

Where’s the Qi? (HATE)


While it’s easy to charge the Gear Fit 2 with the charging cradle that Samsung provides, you would think they would move onto something less proprietary. It’s smart for Samsung to include the charger with them, but this isn’t really useful for folks who need to charge on the go, as they would need the entire cradle, versus just setting the Gear Fit 2 on a wireless charging pad.

Dedicated GPS will track you without your phone (LOVE)


The addition of a GPS sensor is huge for the fitness tracker race, and this allows for those health nuts to leave their phones at home, while keeping track of all the necessary feats while out.

What happened to apps? (HATE)

The only actual app that is built-in or available for the Gear Fit 2 is the built-in Spotify app. You can access and respond to various notifications, but it seems that Samsung stopped just short of turning the Gear Fit 2 into a full-functioned smartwatch, and that begs the question; Why?

Start your workout without touching a single button or screen (LOVE)

When you look at the ability for the Gear Fit 2 to automatically start tracking your workout with needing to press a button, that’s something truly awesome and unique. The tracking will even stop once the Gear Fit has recognized that the workout has ended, all without touching a thing.

Hardware buttons could be much better (HATE)


While convenient, the buttons on the side of the Gear Fit 2 aren’t exactly tactile enough. Of course, we haven’t been able to take the Gear Fit 2 for a run yet, but not being able to tap the screen to see your time can be foreseen as a bit of a pain. The buttons stick out far enough to feel, but there’s little deviation between going back to the last page or going to the home page altogether.

Amazingly comfortable to wear (LOVE)


Although other wearables on the market may be a bit lighter, the Gear Fit 2 is still light and comfortable. Provided you have the correct size, the wrist band is actually quite soft and doesn’t cause much irritation. With the curved display, and the easily adjustable band, the Gear Fit 2 may just be the most comfortable wearable to enter the market. 

Easily store your favorite music locally (LOVE)

Another great reason to leave your phone at home is the 4GB of storage that the Gear Fit 2 now has. You’ll need to go the old fashioned route of downloading and loading music, but hey, this functionality is a big bonus. Load up your favorite songs, get a pair of Bluetooth headphones, and head out the door. 

Spotify integration requires your phone (HATE)


Samsung was sure to make plenty of mentions regarding its built-in Spotify streaming app. However, what’s the purpose of a Spotify app, if you end up leaving your phone behind. There’s no way to transfer files from Spotify to the Gear Fit 2 itself, making your device a necessity if you don’t download your own music. This essentially turns the Gear Fit 2 into a glorified remote for Spotify, even though its more convenient than taking your phone out.

Software is simple and easy to use (LOVE)


Now running Tizen OS, the Gear Fit 2’s interface is a beauty to interact with and allows for more than you would expect out of a fitness tracker. You can easily customize the watch face, as well as remove various pages that may not be pertinent to your workout. This allows for a truly unique experience and gives users a personalized fitness tracker that can’t really be matched elsewhere.

Works with almost every Android Phone (LOVE)

HTC-10-Review (16)

Unlike its predecessor, Samsung allows you to use the Gear Fit 2 with non-Samsung devices. Provided that you aren’t using an iPhone, are using Android 4.4 or above and your device has at least 1.5GB of RAM, you’ll be set.

The price is pretty tough to beat (LOVE)


The Gear Fit 2 is nestled nicely in between other smartwatches and fitness trackers on the market at “only” $179. However, with the GPS features, Tizen OS and built-in functionalities that allow you to leave your phone at home, the Gear fit 2 seems to be essentially the clear-cut winner. Add in the fact that it’s compatible with most non-Samsung Android devices, and I don’t know what else you could ask for.

The Gear Fit 2 may not look as flashy as other fitness trackers on the market, and some of the features may be overkill, but it’s arguably already one of the best fitness trackers of 2016.

Final Tally

7 things to love:

  • Large display makes navigating easy
  • Wireless charging
  • Dedicated GPS
  • 4GB of internal storage
  • Easy to use software
  • Compatibility with most Android devices
  • Competitive pricing

4 things to hate:

  • Huge screen on your wrist could be considered overkill
  • Proprietary connection via charging cradle
  • No “apps”
  • Spotify integration is too basic

Let us know what you think about the Gear Fit 2 and whether it’s a contender to take over your fitness tracking needs in the comments below.

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Samsung has announced that its new fitness tracker, the Galaxy Fit 2, and its new Trio wireless charger are now available for purchase. The company previously announcedboth products during its Life Unstoppable virtual event in September.

The Galaxy Fit 2 is the successor to the Galaxy Fit band released last year. The updated version includes a larger display and improved battery life. Samsung says the new model can last up to three weeks on a single charge, depending on your settings. The Galaxy Fit 2 is $59 and is available in black and red.

Galaxy Fit 2

Samsung’s latest fitness tracker band has better battery life and a larger display than its predecessor.

The Wireless Charger Trio is a charging pad that costs $89 and allows you to simultaneously provide power to three electronic devices — a smartwatch, earbuds, and phone, or a smartwatch and two phones. It’s a successor to the Wireless Charger Duo, which could previously charge only two devices at once. The Wireless Charger Trio’s design is a pad instead of a stand and pad like its predecessor.

The Trio wireless charging pad can also charge iPhones (iPhone X or newer), but its right pad only supports charging for Samsung Galaxy smartwatches. It’s unclear whether the Trio supports charging for AirPods with a wireless charging case, but it’s likely considering its predecessor can charge both the AirPods and iPhone.

Samsung also announced that it’s adding two additional color options (“mystic red” and “aura blue”) to its wireless bean-shaped earbuds, the Galaxy Buds Live. When compared to other models, including the cheaper Galaxy Buds Plus, my colleagues Chris Welch and Becca Farsace said that the Galaxy Buds Live stand out due to their unconventional design, lengthy battery life, and powerful sound.

The red color is available now on Samsung’s website and Amazon. Samsung says the blue model will be sold exclusively at Best Buy starting tomorrow, October 17th, but it appears that a similar blue color option is available now at Amazon.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Samsung’s unconventional wireless earbuds are shaped like beans, but they produce a powerful sound and come with lengthy battery life.

Galaxy Fit 2 - How to Remove Strap and Charge

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