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It’s interesting to see how the Tamil film industry has made its mark on the audience across the nation. With the quarter year already passed, here’s our list of the top Tamil movies of 2021, so far. While full-length feature films are amazing to watch, the regional language short films have their own charm. They are crisp, intriguing and deliver a wholesome story that keeps you hooked to the screen. Here’s our list of Tamil short films on YouTube that you should certainly bookmark.

5 Tamil short films on YouTube and Disney+Hostar to watch if you love cinema & wholesome stories

1. Thoovana Thumbigal – YouTube

While Karan Johar’s movie might have told us that two people from opposite genders can’t be friends, this Tamil short film explores exactly the opposite – a non-romantic equation. Directed by Sujith S, the movie is a beautiful take on how friendships develop as we enter our twenties.

2. Kadhal Ondru Kanden – YouTube

Directed by Punith, and starring Ashwin Kumar, Nakshatra Nagesh and Rio Raj, Kadhal Ondru Kanden is a romantic comedy filled with a hundred emotions. For all those who are looking for a fun-filled time, this one is a good pick. 

3. Sinam – Disney+ Hostar

Director Anandmurthy’s short film Sinam made quite a wave in film festivals when it was released. At the California Best Shorts Competition, the movie took home five awards in different categories like Best Actress, Best Short, Best Asian Short Film, Best Experimental and Best Social Justice/Liberation. The movie revolves around a sex worker who tells her story of how she was pushed into the prostitution business by her father. Directed by Ananda Murthy, the movie is a great watch.

4. Seyali – The Portal – YouTube

What if the app you’ve installed on your phone turns out to be a nightmare? Directed by Pradep Sakthi, the movie revolves around Tamzhi who is curious to know if ghosts truly exist and accidentally comes across an app. What looked like fun in the beginning, turns out to be life threatening. Will he be able to survive after installing the app? Watch the horror-thriller to get the answer.

5. Idaivelai – YouTube

Joint families and the issues that come along with it are quite common in our country. With so much around, how does a couple get intimate and romantic? This short film sheds light on the same with a perfect blend of love and laughter. 

5 best Tamil short films on YouTube and Disney+Hostar to watch if you love cinema & wholesome stories

Kadhal Ondru Kanden

Starring: SiddhuKumar, Rahul, Srinisha Jayaseelan, Vignesh Ramakrishna & Punith

Release Date: 2020

Platform: YouTube


Starring: Sai Dhansika and Bidita

Release Date: 2018

Platform: YouTube

Seyali – The Portal

Starring: Hema Rajkumar, Vignesh Balasubramanian, Sheik Mohamed Shakeel

Release Date: 2018

Platform: YouTube

Sours: https://www.gqindia.com/binge-watch/collection/5-tamil-short-films-youtube-disneyhostar-watch-love-cinema-wholesome-stories/
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Top 10 Short Films Tamil| Best Tamil Short Films

Yeno Vaanilai Maaruthey - A Romantic Comedy Short Film. It's a typical and business romantic Short Films Tamil tale which everybody should crossed in their life.

The story depends on some genuine occurrences that shockingly happened to huge numbers of our medical services laborers during this pandemic. Nisha, a pregnant specialist, is Top 10 Short Films Tamil approached to clear her premises promptly by her landowner and is pushed to the roads for being a Covid rescuer. What occurs straightaway ? Will Nisha be served her equity ?

'Amal's Stanza Café,' mixes a delicate sentiment Short Films Tamil between two or three baristas in a bistro during the storm.

A Fictional story dependent on evident Incident. Film depicts the girls love for her dad and the outcomes she faces because of her demonstrations spare her dads life.

Aandavar An Award Winning and #trending South Indian Short Film, Amuthan a commonplace designing jobless person whose is Top 10 Short Films Tamil additionally an image maker discover a special logical gadget and that changes his life always, to ability and that's only the tip of the iceberg, watch this fascinating short film.

Is a vibe decent and Family dramatization story in our Own portrayal which rotates Short Films Tamil among three moms who are at various shafts in taking care of their kid.

This Story is about a developed man in a conventional family

It is intense for an autonomous movie producer to turn the consideration of the standard crowd towards his work. Yet, Sarjun KM has done it; and not once, yet twice. His last short Top 10 Short Films Tamil film Lakshmi picked up notoriety inferable from the debate it made. Presently, the subsequent one, however has not worked up any discussion, has one more delicate issue at its heart - young pregnancy.

Story of a young lady who was constrained into a marriage Short Films Tamil without a decision.

Did she discover love? Did she break free?

The excursion of a couple that beat the strains of their relationship and separation, indicating that laws Top 10 Short Films Tamil and customs are just for the general public and not for the Hearts.

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Yenendral Kaadhal Enben - Musical Short Film - Pavithra Lakshmi - Vijay Thangaiyan

Do we really need an occasion to devour short films? Just dive in!


Gayathrie Shankar is an underrated performer. Though she has starred in a handful of box office hits, she’s still not seen as a force to reckon with. In Paththini, she stars as a woman who suffers at the hands of her husband. It’s a short thriller that pretty much stays on the lines of predictability. There are no twists and turns, but Shankar makes you watch her nervous attempts at poisoning her husband without making it look egregious. 


Can a newly married couple whisper sweet nothings into each other’s ears? They definitely can, but how do they do it when there are other people in the same house? Idaivelai is a gentle romantic comedy in which the wife and the husband try to steal little moments when they are sure that they’re away from the gaze of the older folks. The film ends with a hugely funny line which comes without a warning. 


In recent years, many Indian dramas have been made on the subject of sexual harassment. While some films like the Hindi thriller Pink (2016) take place inside the courtrooms, some others approach the idea through the lens of vigilante justice. Kambalipoochi, however, in just about four minutes, sets up a conversation about harassment and leaves it at that. It doesn’t dig further, perhaps, owing to the length of the film.  

 Daro Mat

Daro Mat is a great companion piece to the Malayalam movie The Great Indian Kitchen (2021). Here, you get a few glimpses of an arranged marriage where the woman and the man tie the knot after an astrologer matches their horoscopes. This short film doesn’t condemn patriarchal beliefs. Nevertheless, it gives the husband a little voice. He supports his wife subtly by telling her to focus on an upcoming exam that she’s been preparing for despite his mother’s cantankerous censures. But are such passive gestures enough in the long run? 


Ini shakes up the arranged marriage setup a bit by not involving the parents of the interested parties – the man and the woman have scintillating conversations over a period of a day and learn about each other. The idea of love at first sight is also absent in this short. Their chats are underlined by their ability to give marriage a second shot – she’s a widow and he’s a divorcee. The shy glances don’t have much space to breathe here. But you still get a film that speaks a lot about love and compatibility. 

 Why Not

Why Not is a sensitive take on the age gap between a heterosexual couple. The woman’s a decade and a half older than the man and this point becomes a bone of contention amongst them. Would it have been a teething problem if it were the other way around, too? Maybe, yes! But it’s important to acknowledge the fact that age gaps are pretty common in relationships. At the heart of it, Why Not has a simple knot and a simpler solution. 

Thoovana Thumbigal

How do you make friends after you reach your twenties? Can your colleagues be your friends? Also, are the people you meet on social networking sites your real friends? In Thoovana Thumbigal, two people become chums during the first phase of the lockdown (2020). They trade smiles and songs without inhibitions and find themselves in the midst of a blossoming companionship. This is what a good short film can do – it can put a spin on the tried and tested man-woman relationship.  


Sours: https://www.filmcompanion.in/features/tamil-features/best-tamil-movies-short-youtube-paththini-gayathrie-shankar-idaivelai-ini-why-not/

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Manitham - Heart Touching Short film- Tamil short film- Badava Gopi, Balaji - JFW

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