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Aya PoV

Aya PoV

Me and yato just carried on walking like nothing happens.

"How do u know what he looks like" yato asked.

"He been following for a while" I said without looking at him I didn't want to make eye contact with him.

"Why did u come here" he asked I already told him this.

"I already told you" I said annoyed "I came here to help yukine that's all okay" I said and stopped.

Yatos PoV

We stopped but I didn't know why "why have we stopped" I asked

"Well I need to pick up some stuff from my house" she said normal wait she has a house and I don't that not fair.

she was about to walk into a building till she said "are you coming in" I was taken back by her asking me that because I didn't think she like me " I need help with some boxes" she said "oh okay" I said while following her inside , we had to go in the lift it was quite awkward.

as she was getting her keys out I was looking around and saw this old lady peeking out her door looking at me and aya and when I looked she quickly closed the door. How can she see me or maybe she was looking at aya why though. Aya opened the door to her apartment and there was just a bed , a desk with a computer on it and 1 box.

"wow you don't have a lot do you"

" I thought it would be better if I don't keep at lot just the thing what are dear to me"

that's a good logic I go and grab the box and notice something in it

"im just going to get stuff from the bathroom" aya said

"okay "

I quickly look in the box and a see a music box I remember when I got it fro her it was Christmas and she saw it in a shop.

"what do you think your doing" aya said

"um I was I was "

aya quickly snatched it out f my hand and put it back in the box.

" you kept it then "

I could see aya smiling at the music box

"yeah it was good time wasn't it "


"remember when kofuku went out and made nearly every guy fall in love with her " aya laughed

"yeah remember when bishoma got so drunk she nearly killed someone" I said

"yeah it was good times but it cant happen anymore" aya said  " get that box and lets go" aya said to me.



Noragami Soundtrack 2 Cancelled Due to Islamic Sound Samples

The Noragami Aragoto production committee issued a statement on Saturday saying that it has come to their attention that the anime's soundtrack contains improper usage of sounds related to Islam. As a result, the committee has recalled the second Noragami anime soundtrack and delayed the first Noragami Aragoto DVD and Blu-ray disc sets.

"At no point in the production process was it our intention to insult Islam or its followers, or to commit sacrilege, with this use of sound," the statement read. "However, we had not confirmed the meaning of these sounds, and the result was a lack of consideration for Islam and its followers." The production committee apologized to Muslims and other concerned parties, and promised to show more consideration and caution in the future.

Avex Pictures released the "Noragami Aragoto" Original Soundtrack ~Noragami no Oto 2~ in Japan on November 25, but the committee has halted shipments and is recalling the discs from stores.

The first DVD and Blu-ray volumes containing the first three episodes of Noragami Aragoto would have shipped on Decemeber 18 in Japan, but the sets have been delayed until a revised edition is available.

Noragami Aragoto, the second anime adaptation of Adachitoka's Noragami manga, premiered in Japan on October 2. FUNimation Entertainment is streaming the series with English subtitles and with an English broadcast dub as it airs in Japan.

[Via Yaraon!]

Update: The music track that garnered complaints was "Push Buttons," which contained the adzan, or Muslim call to prayer. [Via Duniaku]

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Anime producers apologize for Islamic call to prayer in music

The producers of a Japanese TV anime series apologized Saturday for using what sounds like the Muslim call to prayer in the program’s background music.

A source related to the producers of “Noragami Aragoto,” a polytheistic battle fantasy literally meaning “Stray God, Rough Style,” said a person claiming to be Muslim complained that the call to prayer was mixed in with the show’s music, which aired on television.

The recording in question was purchased from a licensed source, according to the producers of the series.

“There was never any intention to insult Muslims or blaspheme Islam,” the producers said in a statement posted on the program’s official website. “The sound was recorded and published without examining its meaning, which resulted in the (inadvertent) lack of consideration to Islam and its followers.”

“We deeply apologize that the use of the sound in the work has potentially caused offense to Muslims and related people,” the statement said.

The producers pledged to prevent the reoccurrence of a similar mistake by deepening their understanding of Islam and ensuring they pay more attention to the content of future programs.

Further shipments of the program’s soundtrack, which went on sale Nov. 25, will be canceled and the existing compact disc inventory will be removed from stores.

The sale of DVDs and Blu-ray discs will be postponed from the originally scheduled Dec. 18 date to allow for the offending music to be replaced.

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  • Shipments of the soundtrack CD for the Japanese TV anime series 'Noragami Aragoto' have been called back after it came to light that it contained inappropriate use of the Muslim call to prayer. | KYODO
Noragami「AMV」- Impossible ᴴᴰ

Sounds of the Noragami


ノラガミ オリジナル・サウンドトラック 野良神の音


Noragami Orijinaru Saundotorakku -Noragami no Oto-

Composed By

Taku Iwasaki (岩崎琢)

Release Date

February 19, 2014

The Noragami Original Soundtrack -Noragami no Oto- (ノラガミ オリジナル・サウンドトラック 野良神の音,,Noragami Orijinaru Saundotorakku -Noragami no Oto-?)is the soundtrack for the first seasonof the Noragami anime. It features 24 different tracks, used as backing music in the anime. The opening and ending themes were not released in this album.

CD Info

Catalog No.AVCA-74236
Number of discs1
Item weight120g~ Approx
Label/Distributoravex trax

Track List

01 Delivery 02:19
02 Fluctuation 02:27
03 Wild speech (野良譚,,Nora Tan?)04:13
04 Peanut 02:59
05 Quiet fear 02:58
06 Recollection 02:57
07 Lurk in the dark 02:40
08 Soul chosen 02:17
09 Afternoon usual 01:41
10 Reproach 02:27
11 Misogi 03:39
12 Roar of God 03:01
13 Blind spot 03:23
14 Creepy 02:04
15 Again 02:30
16 Shadow dancing 02:30
17 Grief 03:19
18 Family 02:34
19 Harmony 02:50
20 Back alley 02:26
21 Sorrow 02:36
22 Corollary 02:50
23 The One 03:30
24 Conversation heart 02:09


Recorded and Mixed by Toru Okitsu (SHANGRI-LA INC.)
Mastering by Shigeo Miyamoto (form THE MASTER)
Production Coordinator: Sei Sato [佐藤靖] (Office Without)
Musician Coordinator: Noriko Sekiya (FACE MUSIC)

Synthesizer & Computer: Taku Iwasaki
Electric Guitar: Tsuneo Imahori
Soprano, Alto & Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet: Hiromi Sano
Rap: Lotus Juice (M-03)
Vocal: Yutaka Fukuoka (M-03) / Shinya Ogura (M-23)
Lyrics: Yutaka Fukuoka (M-03) / jam (M-23)
RAP Lyrics: Lotus Juice (M-03)
Fujara: Taku Iwasaki

Mastering Studio: form THE MASTER

Assistant Engineered: Yuta Tateishi (SHANGRI-LA INC.)
Assistant Engineered: Takahiro Namekawa (MARUNI STUDIO)


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I'm going to drive your car around the city after every half of your car, finished. What else. - again the assumptions about the setup crept into my head and I glanced quickly into the rearview mirrors and looked. Around the car.

Noragami Aragoto – Opening Theme – Kyōran Hey Kids!!

Snore all night. Fortunately, this did not happen: for some time he stuck out in the corridor, leaning out the window, while we settled down with the semblance of comfort. And then completely disappeared, having met some acquaintances from the institute - he never returned to our compartment. Katya took the bottom bunk in front of me, and when I left the compartment, giving her the opportunity to change, quickly ducked under the covers with a book in her hands.

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My wife and I decided to go to the dacha to her parents, especially since they themselves had to go somewhere, so the house with the. Bathhouse would automatically fall at our complete disposal. True, the father-in-law also bought a neighboring plot, where four Uzbeks currently lived and were building a new brick house. But the guys were quiet, and without permission they would not have dared to cross into our territory.

Father-in-law is still not the last person, and he paid them above average.

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