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Rugby is a game of contrasts, and the best rugby shirts reflect that duality. On the one hand, it’s a sport played almost exclusively by dudes built like The Rock, who crash into one another over and over again with the unremitting fury and general chaos of a hotly-contested round of Hungry Hungry Hippos. On the other, it was invented by a bunch of prepsters at a British boarding school, which means it has all the peculiar etiquette and collegiate traditions of something like rowing baked right in.

Rugby shirts, similarly, are built thick and tough to survive opponents yanking on ‘em for 80 minutes straight, but they're also refined and collared like their close relative the polo shirt. And they’re Swiss-army-knife versatile: you can throw one on alone with jeans or chinos or shorts, or you can sub it into just about any situation you’d normally wear a V-neck sweater (think over a button-down or under a blazer) to give your look a little extra ruggedness.

Bottom line, you need one. And, wouldn’t you know it, your pals at GQ have done all the heavy lifting for you. Cop one of the best rugby shirts for men below, wear it with everything, rack up the compliments. It’s that simple. Scrum on.

The Ol’ Reliable Pick

Polo Ralph Lauren iconic rugby shirt

You want something classic and preppy and built to last? You go with Ralph Lauren. And, as you might expect, Polo Ralph Lauren’s rugby shirt is damn near definitive: the stripes are thick, the knit is burly, the buttons are rubber (to prevent them popping off mid-tackle), the collar is begging to be popped. But the biggest selling point of all is the fit—trim but not tight, with enough room to wear one of Ralph’s just-as-iconic Oxford shirts comfortably underneath.

The '80s Heartthrob Pick

Drake's multi stripe cotton rugby shirt

The rugby shirt had its last great heyday in the 1980s, when fellas like Sam Malone and Thomas Magnum wore them rakishly and ruggedly every week on network television—back when that still really meant something. The latest rugby from Drake's borrows the flattering trim cut and thin bright stripes from that era, and nails all the minor details—from the heft of the fabric to the length of the cuffs—necessary for a true vintage look. Tuck it into your 501s, leave all the buttons undone, and go have a drink someplace where everybody knows your name.

The Extremely-Right-Now Pick

Rowing Blazers checkered rugby

Rowing Blazers has made its name on faithful reproductions of iconic sportswear, from David Hockney's striped rugby shirts to Princess Diana's cheeky jumpers. As far as we can tell, though, this blown-up checkerboard number is entirely of their own invention. It boasts the same old school, heavyweight construction as RB's other rugby creations, but feels bang on for 2021 as far as aesthetics are concerned.

The 75-and-Humid Pick

Todd Snyder + Champion madras rugby polo

Rugby shirts work wonders nine months out of the year, but when that summer heat rolls around? Forget it. All that impenetrably dense fabric need not apply. Through his always-great partnership with Champion, though, Todd Snyder found a way to lighten up the huskiest of shirts—by flipping it in breezy, slubby madras that's just the right weight of a cool night on the beach. The result still feels sporty and tough, but won't suffocate you in sweat the minute the forecast calls for anything above 70.

The Modern Classic Pick

Noah tiger stripe rugby

Few labels have done more to set the rugby renaissance in motion than Noah, who made the brawny pullovers a core staple of their punkish prep universe from the very jump. The key to Noah's rugby shirts is a near-perfect balance of traditionalism (they're crafted in Canada by an age-old rugby outfitter from game-ready "practice cloth" cotton) and swerviness (they've been doused in florals, flirted with Mandarin collars, and even flipped into hockey jerseys). This particular take lands on the subtler side—with black and gray stripes so razor thin it looks solid from a distance—but it's still a Noah rugby, which means it's endlessly wearable and effortlessly cool.

12 More Rugby Shirts We Love

Schnayderman's garment-dyed rugby polo

Looks beat to hell and washed a million times, just the way we like 'em.

Madewell striped rugby shirt

A deep, dark banger for the cost of a PPV movie.

Reigning Champ Three End terry rugby shirt

Nothing like a bold chest stripe to make you look like you've been hitting the gym—even after a long pandemic winter on the couch.

Club Monaco long sleeve striped rugby sweater

Do not—we repeat: do not—ever attempt to enter an actual scrum wearing this stupid-soft, ultra-luxe cashmere number. By all means do pair it with your fave leather jacket on a blustery spring weekend, though.

Aime Leon Dore branded rugby

Gilligan vibes.

Pop Trading Company striped cotton-jersey polo shirt

Hot pink and black looks as good right now as it did in your pop-punk days.

Pangaia recycled cotton rugby shirt

Soothingly neutral.

Patagonia work rugby shirt

Patagonia helped make rugby shirts a thing among rock climbers in the '70s, and they still make some of the best in the business.

Beams Plus rugger loopback cotton-jersey polo shirt

A mostly traditional take with all the cargo space of your favorite hoodie.

Norse Projects "Ruben" colorblock polo

Two tones, one shirt, can't lose.

Kings of NY classic rugby shirt

Definitely not your forever rugby, but a good cheap way to test the waters.

Barbarian traditional acadia stripe rugby jersey

If you're looking for authenticity, Barbarian is the way to go—the Canadian company's knockabout gear has been put to the test on pitches the world over for four decades and counting.

Sours: https://www.gq.com/story/the-best-rugby-shirts-will-toughen-up-your-wardrobe

The Iconic Rugby Shirt - Polo Shirts

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Iconic Rugby Shirt – to a generous 5XL


Iconic Rugby Shirt

A classic that is always in Style – Iconic

This shirt is loaded up with Quality so excellent Value – with years of wear

This will quickly become your go to Winter staple – nice and warm and looking very dressy

You know that bloke that wears shorts all through winter?  He will need some Rugby Shorts with his 


  • 65% Polyester for durability, and 35% Cotton for comfort
  • 350gsm rugby knit fabric
  • Internal contrast woven back neck dome
  • Straight hem with herringbone trimmed side splits
  • Rib cuffs
  • Concealed 3-button placket
  • Classic fit
Iconic Rugby Shirt Sizing















Australian Big Icons – A to C

The Big Apple – Stanthorpe QLD

The Big Apple in Queensland is a tribute to all the apples grown around the Stanthorpe area! It can be found approximately 2.5 hours south-west of Brisbane, on the Cunningham Highway.

The Big Arch of Victory – Ballarat VIC

The Arch of Victory was opened in Ballarat in 1920, funded by female staff at Eleanor Lucas’ Lingerie Factory. The Arch of Victory stands 17 metres high and can be found on Sturt Street.

The Big Axe – Kew NSW

The Big Axe is located about 2km north of Kendall, at Kew, NSW. The Big Axe resides above the Tourist Information Centre!

The Big Banana – Coffs Harbour NSW


The Big Banana is one of the most famous residents in Coffs Harbour. Standing 5m high by 11m long it would be hard to miss it! The Big Banana is suitably located out the front of a Gift Shop surrounded by a Banana Plantation. This 40+ year old sculpture was the very first of Australia’s “Big Things.”

The Big Barramundi – Daintree QLD

The Big Barramundi in QLD is a testimonial to the most desired fish in the State. The Big Barramundi resides above the entrance to the Big Barramundi Barbeque Gardens in Daintree.

The Big Bottle – Mangrove Mountain NSW

This “Big Thing” is a bit mysterious compared to the others. Nestled away in the idyllic Mangrove Mountains, New South Wales is statue in the form of a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Big Buffalo – Adelaide River NT

The Big Buffalo, “Charlie,” (star of Crocodile Dundee I and II) can be found at the Adelaide River Inn in the picturesque town of Adelaide River in Northern Territory.

The Big Bull – Rockhampton QLD

Queensland’s Capricorn Region, Rockhampton, is renown for its beef production! Down the Southern end of the city a Big Bull replica resides above a shopping centre.

The Big Captain Cook – Cairns QLD

The big Captain Cook, in Cairns, has stood tall above the plants on the Captain Cook Highway for almost forty years. Initially the statue was designed to be used as a mascot for a public bar however the measurements were mixed up and the statue turned out a lot bigger than expected! The fate of Captain Cook is in limbo at the moment because of redevelopment – it seems likely the James Cook University will propose to acquire the statue.

The Big Cassowary – Mission Beach QLD


The Big Cassowary at Mission Beach is a tribute to the endangered bird that can be found in the gorgeous World Heritage Rainforest in the area. The Big Cassowary can be found at Wongaling Beach as part of the Shopping Complex and stands 5m high!

The Big Cheese – Bega NSW

The Big Cheese can be seen as you enter Bodalla from the North. It doubles as a tourist service and you can purchase food and other items from the cheese and honey staff; ice-cream parlour; gift shop and the luncheon.

The Big Cherries – Young NSW

The Big Cherries can be found in Young NSW which is known as the Cherry Capital of Australia! From the 1st November through to New Years people flock to Young to pick and pack the tiny fruit! The Big Cherries were unveiled in 1987.

The Big Chook – Moonbi NSW

The Big Chook can be found in Moonbi, NSW. Moonbi is approximately 21km north-east of Tamworth. The Big Chook can be attributed to Moonbi being the largest poultry producing area in NSW outside of the capital city.

The Big Crab – Miriam Vale QLD


The people of Miriam Vale have honoured the famous Queensland Mud Crap by immortalizing one in the form of a sculpture to adorn the local petrol station. The Big Crab has proved to attract even greater attention to the delicious seafood.

The Big Croc – Humpty Doo NT

Standing proudly outside a service station in Humpty Doo, NT is the Big Croc. Geared up with boxing gloves and a fighting stance he is a humorous landmark for the town.

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Shirt iconic rugby

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