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General discussions of Office suite such as installation, upgrade, license, configurations, etc.
Please visit for Access related discussions.


Microsoft Outlook discussions.


Microsoft PowerPoint discussions.


Microsoft Project discussions.


Microsoft Publisher discussions.


Microsoft OneNote discussions.


Microsoft Visio discussions


Other Office software not listed above, such as Exchange, InfoPath, Live Meeting, Lync (Communicator), SharePoint, etc.


Posting tips in the Microsoft Word Forums

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The first thing to remember is that nobody is paid to answer questions in the forums. They all have a day job doing something else. Those who answer do so because they enjoy it. If you respect that, and try to make it easy and enjoyable for people to answer you, then all the other tips here will seem obvious.

  1. Thoughts of the MVPs about which news group is best for which question may be found at:

  2. If nobody answers your question, it is probably because nobody knows the answer. There is no guarantee that anyone will know the answer, though most questions do get answered. There is also no guarantee regarding response times – an answer will appear when somebody who knows the answer chances to read the question. Putting “URGENT” into a message header is unlikely to make much difference as to when that will happen. Likewise, repeating the same question just irritates people.

  5. Use your real name, or at least something that looks like a real name. It seems somehow witless to start a reply by saying “Hi MadDog”, or whatever your chosen alias is.

  6. The vast majority of people answering questions on the forums are not Microsoft employees. Generally, Microsoft staff do not answer questions in the Word forums. If you want a direct response from Microsoft, then go to the support pages on the Microsoft web site, and look up the support options there. You may have to pay. If you think Microsoft has done something with Word that is particularly stupid, don't blame the others on the forum, we didn't do it! In fact, we may well agree with you. Unfortunately, we have no more power than you to get Microsoft to change it. If you want to suggest that they change Word in some way, write to [email protected] and include Word in the title of your message. The MVPs have been promised that real people do read the messages mailed there, and that they pass the more coherent ideas along to the relevant product groups.
  7. If you know something that will help someone else, please feel free to contribute. Many of the people answering questions are your fellow users giving back some of the help they've gotten.

Some Word Forums include:

  1. Microsoft Word Forum on the Microsoft site
  2. Windows Secrets Lounge - Word Processing (Office Watch)
  3. MS Office Forums - Word Forum

Programming vba Forums:

  1. Microsoft Office Programming - Microsoft site
  2. Word VBA Forum
  3. Office Developers Forum - MSDN
  4. IT Pros - Word - TechNet


Much of the text on here was lifted verbatim from the MVP website so as to be consistent between the FAQs. 

(Charles Kenyon, the host/editor of this FAQ is not an MVP just another user trying to sort things out.)


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Hi! Thanks for your question on the top online communities/forums for Microsoft Word. The most useful sources I found to answer your question were the websites for Word Banter, Utter Access, and Office Frustration. In short, after an exhaustive search using advanced keywords and Boolean techniques, I was only able to locate one active English forum dedicated solely to Microsoft Word that is not run by Microsoft. However, I was able to identify additional forums and communities that are for Microsoft Office products and have categories specific to Microsoft Word. I have included these sites, as well. Below, you will find a deep dive of my findings.


Below, you will find a list of the top 5 online communities and forums for Microsoft Office products, including Microsoft Word. I have provided the scope for each site, an overview of the community organization, dates of most recent activity, and membership numbers, per your request. Links to all sources have been included, as well. The forums were assigned a ranking (1-5) based on number of members using the site.

1. Office Frustration: Number of users - 345,849

Office Frustration is a community for all Microsoft Office products. It is considered a moderated newsgroup. The site is categorized by product, including Word, and offers many subcategories, such as new users, formatting, mail merge, tables, page layout, and general discussion. The forum has seen a total of 983,779 threads and 3,437,672 posts thus far. The most recent post in the Microsoft Word category was made on February 28, 2017.

2. Utter Access: Number of members - 250,000+

Utter Access is a Microsoft Access help forum available in over 160 countries. The site offers forums in categories such as Visual Basic, Microsoft Office (including Word), SQL Server, and PC Issues. The Microsoft Office forum is categorized by product. The most recent post in the Microsoft Word category was made on February 27, 2017.

3. Word Banter: Number of users - 74,049

Word Banter is a forum dedicated specifically to Microsoft Word. It includes many of the same categories as Office Frustration, including new users, formatting long documents, page layout, mail merge, tables, and Microsoft Word help. Thus far, the community has seen 666,761 posts in 204,127 threads. The most recent post was made on March 6, 2017.

4. MS Office Forums: Number of members - 37,503

MS Office Forums is another community for all Microsoft Office products. It is categorized by specific product, including Microsoft Word. Subcategories under Microsoft Word include Word, Word VBA, mail merge, Word tables, and drawing and graphics. There have been 106,976 posts in 31,584 threads thus far. The most recent post in the Word category was made on March 10, 2017.

5. Microsoft Office Forums: Number of members - 3,884

Microsoft Office Forums is a forum for all Microsoft products, broken down by product category. The forum is free to join and is open to all users, regardless of experience. There are a total of 2,070,991 discussions and 6.970,576 messages. The Microsoft Word category was last posted in on March 10, 2017.

Please note numbers associated with membership, discussions, posts, and threads are updated in real time for most of these forums and communities. The numbers provided are the current numbers at the time this response was written.


To wrap it up, there are very few active English communities or forums dedicated solely to Microsoft Word that are not operated by Microsoft. There are; however, some forums inclusive of all Microsoft products, with Office Frustration being the most popular, based on membership. Thank you for using Wonder! Please let us know if we can assist with anything else!

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