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Introduction: Lego Interlocking Heart Pendants

This will show you how to make two necklaces (one for you, one for your sweetheart) and when you put them together they make a heart.

Perfect nerdy valentines day gift!

This is really simple, the hardest part is finding the materials. You can buy the Lego parts needed here.

Step 1: Parts / Tools

You will need the following to make this.

  • Two necklace chains.
  • Two jump rings.
  • Two Lego 2x2 Coupling Plates (par no. 4225733)
  • Pliers.

Step 2: Attach the Jump

Use the pliers to put the jump rings through the hole in the plates

Step 3: Chains.

Now string the chains through the jump rings.

Step 4: Finish.

Now your done!

Now all that's left is to give one half to your girlfriend/boyfriend.  Just link the bricks at a right angle and it makes a heart!

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100% Original LEGO parts imported from overseas. Beware of mainland China counterfeit. ***ORIGINAL LEGO HAS LEGO WORDING ON LEGO PARTS, WHILE COUNTERFEIT DOESN'T HAVE IT. Refer picture for differentiation. Listed price is for :- 1 set = 2 Plate = 1 complete Love/Heart Each purchase with key chain OR necklace bundle is in 1 set only. Eg: 1 Heart + 1 Key chain only 1 Heart + 1 Necklace only (Necklace length is 70cm) You may add on additional purchase for necklace or key chain if you want more. READY STOCK !!! Stock are selling FAST!! Don't wait till it's too late.... This part has variants color with hole design at the edge. Due to special request, we do provide options include with Key Chain & Necklace. Please READ & SELECT carefully before your final payment. ***REMARKS*** KEY CHAIN option is base on RANDOM PICK !!!!!!!! you may leave us remarks or notes for your preferred color but depends on stock availability. PREMIUM BOX is base on RANDOM PICK of Black OR White base on stock availability. Thanks for your support and kind understanding.


Lego Valentine Heart Necklace/Keychain Bundle Kit (2) Yellow Modified 3 x 2 Plates with Hole (1) Decorative Tile (2) 24" Nickel Plated Ball Chains

  • Includes (2) Yellow Modified 3 x 2 Plates with Hole, (1) Decorative Tile, (2) 24" Nickel Plated Ball Chains.
  • Rare Color (Yellow) - Lego Love Necklace.
  • Can Also be Used to make Keychain Holders!!.
  • Easily Add Some Crystals to your Heart for a Little Bling!.
• Treat the Sweetheart of your Life with a Lego Love Necklace today!! A Complete Love/Friendship/Valentine Necklace Set - Made of LEGO® Elements • BUNDLE INCLUDES: (2) Yellow Modified 3 x 2 Plates with Hole, (1) Decorative Tile (2) 24" Nickel Plated Ball Chains As Shown • HOW DO I USE IT: The 2 Lego® Plates click together to form a heart pendant. Necklaces are made from authentic new Lego® pieces and two 24" nickel plated ball chains. The heart pendant is the clasp, simply unsnap the 2 Lego® plates - wrap around your neck and snap together again to form a beautiful Lego® heart! • TECHNICAL LEGO DETAILS: The Yellow Plate, Modified 3 x 2 with Hole was released in 2000 and has been used in 37 sets to date in the following categories: Adventurers (1) Creator (4) Designer Sets (2) Educational & Dacta (1) Friends (1) Holiday (3) Ninjago (1) Sculptures (1) SpongeBob SquarePants (1) Star Wars (2) The Lego Movie (1) Town (15) Train (3) Vikings (1)

Valentine necklaces lego

Skip the Candy & Pick Up a LEGO Valentine’s Day Set for Your Kids Instead

When you’re shopping for Valentine’s Day presents for your kids, candy and sweet treats probably come to mind first. But if you’d like to prevent sugar highs in your home, a LEGO Valentine’s Day set is a worthy Valentine’s Day gift and chocolate alternative.

Most Popular LEGO Sets
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These aren’t gifts that are going to result in stomachaches, nor are they something that your child will toss aside moments after opening. They can sit down and spend an afternoon (or potentially longer) bringing these Valentine’s Day sets to life. You can even make it a family activity, get a set for you, your partner and your kids. After all, it’s hard to find things to do after spending nearly a year inside and isolated, so this might be a great way to shake up your weekend. Your kids might want to put their LEGO sets on display in their rooms after.

We rounded up the best LEGO Valentine’s Day building kits for you. There are options for all ages — some sets are geared toward much younger kids, while others are meant for 7-year-olds and up. You might even be tempted to get a V-Day-themed LEGO set for yourself.

You’d better hurry and order fast, though, because Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away, and you’ll want to account for shipping time. Plus, LEGO is a hot commodity, so these cute V-Day gifts are selling out fast. This isn’t the time to hesitate about adding LEGOs to your cart.

Our mission at SheKnows is to empower and inspire women, and we only feature products we think you’ll love as much as we do. Please note that if you purchase something by clicking on a link within this story, we may receive a small commission of the sale.

V-Day Bear Set


Lazy loaded image

Move over stuffed bear — there’s a new option in town. He even has a bowtie. This little bear comes complete with a heart balloon and honey pot.

LEGO BrickHeadz Valentine's Bear $9.99 on Buy now Sign Up


Picnic Set

Lazy loaded image

This 126-piece kit shows a couple enjoying a wonderful Valentine’s Day picnic. It comes with faux chocolate, a balloon, a magical fountain, roses and even a teddy bear.

LEGO Romantic Valentine Picnic $38.99 on Buy now Sign Up


LEGO Bee Set


Lazy loaded image

Who wouldn’t want this bee as their Valentine? This sweet bee is part of the insanely popular BrickHeadz collection.

LEGO BrickHeadz Valentine's Bee 40270 Building Set $29.99 Buy now Sign Up


Tulips Set

Lazy loaded image

Get your little one some LEGO tulips. They aren’t quite the same as roses, but they’ll never die. Your kids can display them in their window all-year round.

LEGO Friends Tulips $14.99 on Buy now Sign Up


LEGO Necklace


Lazy loaded image

Your little Valentine can wear their love of all things LEGO around their necks. They’ll think this heart necklace is super clever and want to wear it all the time.

Lego Valentine Heart Necklace $12.99 Buy now Sign Up


Love Birds Set

Lazy loaded image

This subtle Valentine’s Day gift is perfect for little animal lovers. These lovebirds are nuzzled in close on this super cute LEGO Dots bracelet.

LEGO DOTS Love Birds Bracelet $4.99 on Buy now Sign Up


Couples Love Necklace For Lovers Women Men Lego Elements Friendship Necklaces Valentines Gift

Yeah, I'm a little late in delivering this valentine tutorial to you.  So sue me.  It has been a week of many extra homework projects around here--dioramas, book reports,  a 100 days of school poster, and then of course, the usual spelling word practice, math story problems...blahblahblah.  The point is--here is a valentine tutorial for you, just a little later than intended, okay?  If you have some of the supplies around your house already--great--go to it, you can make this right now--if you don't, well, you will probably have to wait to make it until next year since it may require ordering some special LEGO pieces.  So just know that and deal.

But LEGO + jewelry + valentine's cards = a pretty cool project for the kiddies for Valentine's Day.  This is like accessory playtime--jewelry meant to be kept, worn, and played with over and over using the extra LEGO bits.  Necklaces and rings that can be endlessly redesigned--out of sheer boredom, or just to match that special outfit of stripey tights, plaid shirt and a hot pink tutu your kid showed up at the breakfast table wearing this morning.

It's pretty damn easy to make too once you have assembled all the required pieces--although, personally, I would not recommend letting the kiddies do the work with the uber-strength craft glue or you may end up with  LEGOs permanently bonded to his or her body.  Sure, it might be cool for a day or two to have LEGO pieces attached to your hands ("Look at the colorful LEGO tower I built on my hand, mom!"), but it would start to impede simple tasks like eating, bathing, using toilet paper--and that would be not so cool after a while.  

The best thing I discovered through the process of sourcing our LEGO bits was that there is a WHOLE WORLD of used individual LEGO parts to be found out there, in every color, shape, size--and most to be had for 3-10 cents.  BrickLink is pure genius, I tell you.  There is more about that in my tutorial.

Here's the link to my downloadable tutorial and printable templates:


And if you are interested, I have some other Valentines ideas from years past you can have a look at here and here and here--none of which require ordering special LEGO parts and probably could realistically be made between now and Valentine's Day.


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