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Dune Buggy Sand Rail
Sandrail for sale for cash only
Super fun little VW buggy
Front Sand Tires 25X8X12
Roketa Dune Buggy
1965 VW Baha Bug
2020 - KANDI - SAFARI - 200cc - BUGGY
Has 1776 cc motor. Jetted down Edelbrock 4 barrel carb. Newer trans and break li
2014 PreRunner Desert Car
2007 Joyner Sand Viper 1100
Johnny’s Speed & Chrome
5 Wide Buggy Tires And Wheels.
i have 2 2.0 bypass shocks call for more info 435-559-4247
VW Dune Buggy Body
1986 honda odyssey
2007 Joyner sandviper (miniviper)
1980 Volkswagen Bradley GTII
Johnys Speed & Crome Sand Rail
Perfect running sandrail
Suzuki Samurai
CBR1000r Turbo Mini Rail
2004 Genesis 5 seat dual sport car.
Just in time to have some fun 1600.00 or best offer title in hand

This Is The Sickest Sand Rail We've Ever Seen

Going around in a sandrail is a lot of fun. It is a right of passage for a lot of people and there are certain times in the year when sand railing and dune season is in full swing. You cannot help but want one of these sandrails because of how epic they look.

Sandrails are not the cheapest things to buy and it is not a cheap hobby but we can easily argue, is there really a price that you can put on when it comes to your happiness?

Sandrails can be built at home or you can buy a stock sandrail from places like SandRail Fabricators in CA. They offer brand new sandrails as well as used ones.

We are going to look at an epic sand rail that anyone would love to have in their garage!

One of the most epic Sand rails we have ever seen that comes with a Supercharged LS7 Engine!

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What is a sand rail vehicle?

A sandrail is a lightweight off-road motor vehicle that is built for travelling in sandy terrain. It is often mistakenly referred to as a dune buggy or sand car. These vehicles can operate on other types of terrain but are designed specifically for sand.

They typically use high flotation smooth or farm implement front tires and special rear paddle tires. This allows them to skim over the surface of the sand without getting stuck. It has a low center of gravity, which allows it to make tight turns even on the surface of a sand dune.

Back in the old days, specifically in the 1960s when the sand rails became popular, all they had was an engine, breaks, suspension, tires, steering wheel, 2 seats and of course the roll bar cage and roof. Nowadays, sandrails come with everything! You can get ones that are kitted out with sound systems, radios and more or you can stick to basics and just have the bare minimum to ensure that the vehicle is safe to drive.

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What is the difference between a Sandrail and a Dune Buggy?

There is a difference between these two vehicles. Often people just think that if it goes on the sand, it is a dune buggy but this is not the case.

A dune buggy is a recreational vehicle that is used on beaches and or sand dunes. They are designed to deliver either more engine power or a lighter frame, or even both in some cases. Dune buggies often have an open chassis and large, wide tires. They are often modified from an existing vehicle.

Sand rails are not modified from existing vehicles, they are built instead from a tubular, open-frame chassis that have an incorporated roll cage and rails, which lends to its name. They are normally always rear-wheel drive. They have tires known as paddle tires, which allow them to skim over the surface of the sand without getting stuck.

In other words, if you see one of these vehicles on the road, take a look at the tires as well as if there is a roll cage or not. That will help you determine the difference.

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This is the sickest Sandrail we have ever seen:

The images above, are the images of a 5 seater sandrail that is currently on sale. It is one of the coolest sandrails that we have ever seen! Let’s take a closer look at it, shall we.

This bad boy was produced by Richard Huizinga- Twisted Alloy. It is prepped and ready for Dune season!

This sandrail has a Supercharged LS7 with dry sump. It can produce up to 750 RWHP! That is very quick for a sand rail. It has a Mendeola S5D Transmission that has been recently serviced so you know that you are going to get all the horsepower that you need!

This is not just any sandrail, it comes with some of the latest technology when it comes to the dashboard and inside the car. You get a PCI Radio that transmits from car to car as well as a 5 seat Bluetooth Intercom so you can chat to everyone in the car and be able to hear every word.

Aeromotive A1000 Fuel Pump, Fox polished 3" Bypass shocks front and rear, Fox 2.5" coil overs front and rear, Suspension tuned and dialled in, Howe polished Power Steering Rack, Pro Armor Harnesses, Livorsi Gauges, Lowrance HDS-7 GPS in-dash, Gray Area 934 Mid Board Hubs, Gray Area 934 CV's and CV boots as well as 17’’ polished beadlock wheels. This sandrail has everything and anything that you might need when you are out and about having fun!

Now that we have taken a look inside the sandrail, let’s have a look at the amazing custom paint job that was done. The custom paint job was done by Nash FX. It is a gorgeous black colored sandrail with a white and red design on the side. When you see the paint and the giant wheels together, you know that this sandrail means business. The look is finished off with a white roof that just ties the whole look and feel of this epic sandrail.

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Another cool looking sand rail:

There are so many cool looking sand rails out there at the moment. The image above is one of the sickest ones we have seen as well. Look at the color of it! The yellow and purple go so nicely together and one thing is for sure, you will not lose the sand rail anywhere due to the unique color and flames on it as well. It is simple and yet looks super cool.

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Our sand rails are developed from years of off road experience combined with modern engineering to deliver the suspension, durability and horsepower it takes to manufacture the ultimate sand or off-road vehicle.

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We are here to build quality sand rails that will stand up to the test of time. Every dune buggy is made with safety, longevity, handling and performance in mind.

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Hayabusa Sand Rail Part 8 First Dune Season

This Is The Coolest Sandrail Of 2020

Traversing the dunes at blistering speeds can be an exhilarating experience, and the Buckshot X5R can fulfill your sand racing dreams. With a stable, reinforced chassis and high-quality suspension, most off-road features aren't a challenge for this sandrail. A variety of engine choices are available for the Buckshot; Equip it with the 750HP LS7 and twin-turbo and it will crank out 1200 horsepower.

In conjunction with plentiful exterior and interior features, it's a well-rounded sandrail that can be tons of fun to drive. The brand is known to make superior sand cars and custom mods, such as the 1300HP X2R used by BJ Baldwin at Glamis Dunes.

Let’s compare the X5R to other current choices and see how its performance makes it such a dynamic vehicle.

Ride Quality And Reinforcements

Buckshot Racing is no stranger to producing high-quality sand cars that can rip through the dunes on two wheels.  The company has been praised for their exquisite attention to detail.  Founder Andrew Buck started making the off-road vehicles when he discovered that the sandrail market was not up to par with his expectations.

The company fabricates a wide variety of custom toys in their 20,000 square foot shop. A partnership with Baca Racing would lead to the implementation of the dual supercharger in their sand cars. The LS-powered X5R is one of the best in their highly customizable lineup.

The chassis of the X5R provides exceptional durability with a 1.75” chromoly frame, front and rear chromoly arms and dual sway bars.  The exterior is reinforced with extra side panels and underbody skid plates.  Suspension, the key to off-road performance, is delivered by KING bypass or reservoir shocks, offered with sizes of up to 4.0”.

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Power And Reliability

The powertrain on the X5R is comprised of one of the most powerful and reliable engines available, the LS.  Options are available for a 510/600 horsepower LS2 and a mighty LS7 with 580 or 750 horsepower.  Efficient cooling is managed with a PWR double pass radiator, oil cooler, and additional fans.

Fitted with an optional turbo, the largest version can make up to 1200 horsepower, a staggering figure for a sand car. Popular consumer off-road vehicles such as the Polaris RZR side by side make a mere 181hp. The transmission is PBS PD4 or Albins with 5- or 6-speed options.

Two-time Baja 1000 champion BJ Baldwin drove a Buckshot-fabricated X2R in an exhilarating run at the Glamis Dunes in 2013. This 1300-hp monster was the fifth generation of wild custom sandrails. Che Duran commissioned a custom X2R and spoke of its power: “It’s fast enough to get in trouble”, he claimed upon testing it.

For a sand car, the interior is uniquely plush with a beautiful 6-gauge dash, ergonomic Beard seats, and lighting. Thanks to useful amenities such as the onboard Lowrance GPS, actuating light bar, and 42 gallon fuel cell, the X5R provides a ride that is relatively comfortable and incredibly powerful.

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