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September has returned and most teens are back to school, some more excited than others. One of the most challenging tasks in high school and middle school is keeping your locker organized. Take a look at these locker accessories that you can use to make your locker more handy and unique in the new school year!

1) Dry Erase Locker Board

Dry Erase Board for Locker

The Dry Erase Locker Board is perfect for writing reminder notes in school, whether during passing or before classes. Just jot down a note with the included dry erase marker and forget your worries of remembering important things. You can also pin up messages on post-its or display some creative artwork that you’ll get to see whenever you open your locker. It is magnetic and conveniently sticks to the side of your locker for easy access. The Locker Board comes in cobalt blue, teal blue, red, and berry pink.

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2) Five Star Magnetic Locker Split Pencil Cup

Magnetic Locker Split Pencil Cup

The Five Star Magnetic Locker Pencil Cup is just the accessory where to store your supplies in your locker. You can keep it in the shape of a cup, or unfold it to magnetically attack to your locker door. With this handy item, you won’t forget your pencils or pens for the test as its large capacity give you plenty of storage. It can hold up to 20 pens and pencils, while still leaving room for the little things that usually get misplaces. The Locker Split Pencil Cup comes in berry pink, purple, or teal.

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3)Five Star Locker Mirror

Five Star Locker Mirror

The Five Star Locker Mirroris what anyone needs to make sure you look great without constantly running to the bathroom to look in the mirror. It sticks to your locker door, allowing you to use it without having it take up too much room. In addition, the Locker Mirror is great for sticking message notes or photos to its soft frame with push pins. If you are worried about the mirror falling down and breaking, stop fretting because this one it shatterproof and has a super strong magnet. It comes in cobalt blue, red, berry pink, and teal blue.

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4)Five Star Locker Light

Locker light

The Five Star Locker Light is exactly what you need if your locker is crowded and you need to find something fast. It will lights up your locker and allow you to find that book report or term paper that is due in less than 2 minutes which is stuck somewhere in between papers. The Locker Light is easy and compatible to use, magnetically attaching to any place in your locker. The 6 ultra-bright LED lights are battery operated that will automatically turn off in 5 minutes in case you forgot to switch it off. It comes in cobalt blue, purple, red, and teal.

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5)Five Star Stackable Locker Shelf

School locker shelf - stackable.

The Five Star Stackable Locker Shelfis the best accessory for your locker to create a shelf that will accommodate your books or other items. You can place it in the middle of your locker, allowing you to use all the space and help you stay organized. It created two shelves on top of one another that makes it easier to grab your stuff out of the locker. The Locker Shelf can accommodate up to 150 lbs., giving you plenty of ways to store those heavy textbooks. It comes in blue, pink, purple, red, teal, and berry.

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Quickly find everything you need in your locker between classes with the Five Star Pivoting Locker Light. Lasts All Year. GUARANTEED!* The molded, 100% ABS plastic exterior is high gloss and durable and the teal color adds a touch of style to your locker. This sturdy light is held up by a strong magnets so that light won’t slide down or fall off, even when you slam the door. The head houses three LED lights and can be pivoted to shine into every part of your locker to easily find your books and other items fast. When you are done with it, the light turns off with the flip of a switch. Overall size 3.67 in. x 2.03 in. x 3.93 in. Required AAA batteries not included. Assorted colors available. *ACCO Brands will replace any Five Star locker accessory that is returned within one year from the date of purchase. This guarantee does not cover damage due to abuse.


  • Pivoting LED lights that cast bright light into your locker to help you find books and binders. Molded, high gloss, 100% ABS plastic construction for durability. Lasts All Year. GUARANTEED!*
  • Pivoting capability allows you to direct the light wherever it is needed most. Light easily turns on / off with a switch.
  • Extra strong magnet on the back keeps light from sliding down or falling off when you slam locker door

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Introduction: Magnetic Locker Lights!

Many thanks and much credit go to user sockmasterfor his excellent Magnetic Refrigerator Lightsinstructable, which was totally the inspiration for this one!

My daughter started middle school this year.  While we were at the orientation, I was sitting there, listening to the teachers drone on about all the rules the kids have to follow, the six of seven different behavior contracts they had to sign, and on and on.  It sure seems like there are more rules and regulations now, compared to when I was in school!

Anyway, I'd been trying to think of something awesome to do for her for back to school that would give me an excuse to enter the back to school contest here at instructables.  When the teachers started talking about proper use and care of the lockers (no stickers! magnets only!), the proverbial light bulb came on over my head . . . actually with me it's probably an LED, but that's beside the point.

I went out to the shop that night after the meeting and started tinkering.  What I came up with is a modular multiple board version of sockmaster's Magnetic Fridge Lights, the perfect thing for making your locker at least seven times more awesome than before, and without any stickers to scrape off at the end of the year!

If you make your own version of this, post a picture in the comments and I'll send you a digital patch.

Here's a quick demonstration of how they look:

Step 1: Gather Materials and Tools

Here's what you'll need for this project.  I got this stuff from a variety of sources, which I've listed where able.

For the lights:
  • 10mm LEDs in a mix of colors (ebay)
  • 330 ohm surface mount resistors (Norvac)
  • 1/8" x 1/16" disc shaped neodymium magnets, 2 for each LED (amazingmagnets)
For the boards and connectors:
  • One small magnetic dry erase board (dollar store)
  • Several flat fridge magnets (culled from phone books, etc)
  • Aluminum foil
  • Neodymium magnets, either small magnets or broken bits of larger ones (dealextreme)
  • Some wire
  • 1/4" double sided tape (found in the sewing section at my local bi-mart)
For the power supply you will need one of but not both of these two options (see steps 5 and 6):

1.  Manually switched power supply:
  • Light switch, switch plate, plastic conduit box (Home Depot)
  • 4xAA battery holder and batteries (Norvac)
  • 4 strong neodymium magnets (amazingmagnets)\
2.  Automatic power supply
  • Perfboard
  • 1 PNP transistor (any basic PNP will do)
  • 1 1000 ohm resistor
  • 1 strong neodymium magnet (amazingmagnets)
  • 1 9 volt battery and clip
  • A momentary on pushbutton switch (got mine out of an old CD player)
  • Sugru
As to tools, you will need:
  • Soldering iron
  • Hot glue gun
  • Epoxy
  • Scissors
  • Hobby Knife
  • Multimeter

Step 2: Build the Lights

I'm not going to go into detail about how to make these here.  Sockmaster covered this quite well in his instructable, so I recommend you go there and check out steps 5, 6, and 7 to fully learn how to make them.  That's the exact technique I used to build these.

Basically, you're going to wrap the leads of each LED around one of the 1/8" x 1/16" magnets and epoxy this to the bottom of the LED.  White, green, and blue LEDs won't need a resistor, but red, yellow, and orange ones do need a small 330 ohm resistor soldered onto the bottom.

Step 3: Build the Main Board

Here you'll take a small dry erase board and put some strips of foil across it in a very specific way.  There are essentially two interlaced foil combs, one attached to positive voltage and one attached to negative. 

Take your double sided, 1/4" tape and place one length all the way across the top of the board and place another strip all the way along the left side.  Place another strip down the right side, but don't let this one touch the strip at the top (space it about 1/4" away).

Take another strip of tape and place it about 1/4" below the top strip, not touching the left side, but making contact with the right.  Repeat about 1/4" below that, but this time the tape should touch the left and not the right.  Repeat until the whole board is done.

Grab a piece of foil and cover the double sided tape (shiny side up!).  Press it thoroughly to the tape.  Using a hobby knife, start cutting away the parts of the foil that aren't attached to tape.  When you're done, you should have something like what you see below!

It's important to test this, so use the multimeter to make sure you've got a good connection from one end to the other on each "comb" but no connection between them.  When I built this I forgot to cut out one piece of foil and nearly melted my battery holder!

Epoxy four strong magnets to the back of this board so it will stick to the inside of the locker.

Step 4: Build the Strips and Smaller Boards

I used strips of magnet tape as well as fridge magnet advertisements I've been saving from phone books, mailers, and from work (we had a whole stack of them from when we moved, with the wrong address).

I ran out of the double sided tape and didn't feel like buying more, so I used epoxy daubed onto the magnets instead.  The idea is pretty much the same though.  On strips of magnet tape, just make two lines that don't connect, and on boards make two interlocking combs that don't connect.  When you've daubed on your pattern of epoxy, stick the magnet to the dull side of some foil and let it sit overnight.

The next day, cut out the foil that didn't get stuck to epoxy, and you're done!

Step 5: Magnetic Wires to Connect Everything

To connect everything up, you'll need several short wires.  On the end of each wire is a magnet to hold it in place, which works out nicely in a steel locker.

I made two types of these wires.  One was easy but not as good, the other took a lot more work but worked better especially if the wire had to go over a strip of the opposite polarity.

The simple kind was just a strip of foil, with a small chunk of neodymium magnet folded into each end.  See the pictures below for details.

The better kind was coated wire, with the stripped end soldered to a magnet.  Since soldering on a neodymium magnet reduces the strength, I epoxied those to another magnet.  Again, see the pictures below, they're pretty self explanatory.  These wires are particularly nice for attaching boards and strips to the main board.

Step 6: Automatic Power Supply

I thought this was the best option, but my daughter just couldn't find a way to get her locker door to hit the switch when closed, so I eventually nixed the idea.  I include it here because I still think it would be the best way to go, if you could get it to work.

Basically, you should build this circuit on your perfboard and place it in the middle of the wire that connects the positive end of the 9 volt battery clip to one of the foil "combs" on the main board (I stuck a magnet to the ends of these wires).

The switch should be stuck to the inside of the locker in such a way that when the door is closed, the switch is closed, and when the door is opened, the switch is opened.  This circuit activates the lights when the switch is open, so you don't have to mess around with turning it on or off after it's been set up the first time. 

Once the circuit was built and tested, I glued the battery clip to the bottom of it and then used some sugru to cover the electronics, as well as hold another magnet to the top of the perfboard (see below). 

Step 7: Manual Power Supply

Since I couldn't be on hand to help my daughter install these (and see what exactly the problem with the automatic switch was), we finally went with a manual switch.  This is super easy, and really cheap to boot.

In the electrical section at Home Depot I picked up a light switch, a cover, and a blue plastic conduit box.  Total cost was less than two dollars.  The 4xAA battery pack I already had.

I had India help me with the soldering and assembly for this part, it was pretty straightforward and she had fun helping out.  Basically, instead of wiring up the automatic circuit as an interrupt in the positive wire from the battery pack, you wire up the light switch.  A basic single pull single throw light switch has three screws in it, two on one side which you'll attach your positive wire, and one on the other side that I'm assuming is for ground when you're actually doing home wiring.  It's painted green and you can ignore it.

After the switch is wired up, glue the conduit box to the battery pack and attach four strong magnets to the back of that.  All done!

Step 8: Test Run . . . Does Everything Work?

I took everything down to my work this weekend to see if it was functional.  There's an all steel cabinet there that I figured I could use to test things, and voila!  No problem. 

Using your magnet tipped connectors and wires, attach each strip and board to the main one, as well as from the power supply/switch to the main board.  Turn it on, bask in the LED glow of your awesome Magnetic Locker Lights!

Step 9: Final Thoughts

I had fun working on this one, but all in all it was a fairly time consuming build.  I suspect if I hadn't already made up the lights from when I built the fridge lights many years ago I wouldn't have been able to get this done in time for the contests!

Make sure you visit sockmaster's instructable and give him stars and positive comments, I'd never have done this without his instructions.  In fact, his instructable was the very first major electronics project I undertook, and without it, I may never have gotten into electronics and instructables at all!

Thank you for viewing, please take a moment to comment, subscribe, rate, and vote for me!  I always try to get back to people when they leave me a message and I really appreciate criticism and commentary as well as suggestions for other ways to take this project or do it differently.

As with all my instructables, if you make something like this yourself, post a picture in the comments below and I'll send you a DIY patch!

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Introducing MagneConnect - Magnetic Slot Lighting from Electrix Illumination

U Brands Magnetic LED Disco Ball Locker Light

Brighten up the school year with this trendy Magnetic Disco Ball Light by U Brands®. This fun LED light transforms any ordinary locker into a fun and personalized space. Easily mount to the top interior of a locker or any magnetic surface. Requires 3 AAA 1.5V batteries (not included). Combine with other U Brands® Locker Style products to create a personalized look for a great school year.


Dimensions (Overall): 5.71 Inches (H) x 4.92 Inches (W) x 4.92 Inches (D)

Suggested Age: 12 Years and Up

Bulb Base Size: Non-Removable Integrated Bulb

Assembly Details: No Assembly Required

Number of Light Bulb Sockets: 3

Maximum Light Bulb Wattage: 0.34 Watts

Requires Hardwired Installation: No

California Title 20 compliance: Not subjected to CA Title 20

Power Source: Battery-Powered

Battery: 3 AAA Alkaline, Required, Not Included

SKU: 842463140806Categories: All Arts & Crafts, All Products, Desk Essentials, General Office Supplies, Home Goods, Home School, Locker Accessories, Office Accessories, School Accessories, Specialty, WexfordTags: Desk Essentials, Home Goods, Home School, Locker Accessories, School & Office Supplies

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Locker light magnetic

Amazon: Magnetic Locker Lights from only $5.40!



If you’re already thinking ahead to how to decorate a school locker for less – you might want to snag one of these cool Five Star Locker Lights for only $5.40shipped right now!

These regularly run up to $10 – and are great for a boy or a girl’s locker.

  • Put a little light on the subject. Repositionable 6 LED light strip illuminates your entire locker, so you can find what you’re looking for…fast! Lasts All Year. Guaranteed!*
  • Built Strong To Last Long; extra-strong magnets keep light in place; quickly turn on and off with push button; the color brightens up your locker
  • Sleek design will not take up your valuable locker space; 7.5 x 1.62 Inches; 3 AAA batteries required

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Decorating a school locker



See more on how to decorate a school locker for less in this fun post!


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Locker Chandeliers and Lights from $9.66 Shipped!


If your kids have lockers at school – then you have probably already seen the locker-decorating craziness that’s going on and know that Locker Chandeliers are all the rage. I found a couple deals on Amazon to help you get the year’s “It” locker accessory for a lot less 🙂








(Something plain for the guys – ya know ;))

These little LED locker chandeliers have a heavy-duty magnet on top so they stick to the roof of the locker and light it up inside. These are totally ridiculous and yes – I am jealous I didn’t have one in high-school!

And don’t forget the Magnetic Locker Paperto finish off the decor 😉

Here’s what they look like all done up:


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