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Jigsaw Puzzle Evangelion: Radio Eva Illustration 05 Rei Ayanami 500pcs (No.05-1044: 380mm x 530mm)

by Yanoman

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Sours: https://www.hlj.com/jigsaw-puzzle-evangelion-radio-eva-illustration-05-rei-ayanami-500pcs-no-05-1044-380mm-x-530mm-yno06044
Evangelion Puzzle Promo [adult swim]

Once again, Neon Genesis Evangelion is invading a mobile game. The Puzzle & Dragons Evangelion event is back. Between August 10-23, 2020, the global version will see characters inspired by the original series and Rebuild of Evangelion movies in the puzzle game. However, this time there are some new units, (virtual plushies), and Tamadra to collect. Also, everyone who logs in during the event can pull once on the Eva Memorial Egg Machine.

Three new units have been guaranteed in this event, and all three can be found in the Eva Memorial Egg Machine. There is a five-star Gendo Ikari, a six-star Eva Unit-01, and a seven-star Shinji & Rei. (The Shinji & Rei has pre-evolution and ultimate evolution forms.) There is also a way to guarantee yourself a Gendo or six-star or seven-star character. A $9.99 bundle gives people 10 Magic Stones, a guaranteed Gendo, and an Evangelion Orbs skin. The $19.99bundle gives you 20 Magic Stones and the six-star or –seven star rarity character from the Eva Egg Machine.

Here’s the full list of Puzzle & Dragons Evangelion characters people can get from the Egg Machine or Monster Exchange.

Eva Memorial Egg Machine Characters



  • Eva Unit-01
  • Kali Regalia, Kaworu
  • Myr Regalia, Rei



  • Asuka & Eva Unit-02
  • Kaworu & Mark06, Under Construction
  • Mari & Eva Provisional Unit-05
  • Rei & Eva Unit-00 
  • Rei Ayanami (temp. name) & Mark.09
  • Shinji & Eva Unit-01

Puzzle & Dragons Evangelion Monster Exchange

  • Eva Unit-00 Plushie
  • Eva Unit-01 Plushie
  • Eva Unit-01 Tamadra
  • Eva Unit-02 Plushie
  • Eva Unit-02 Tamadra
  • Eva Unit-08 Plushie
  • Eva Unit-13 Tamadra  
  • Mark.06 Plushie
  • Misato Tamadra
  • Penpen Plushies

And here’s what everything looks like.

Puzzle & Dragons is available for Android and Apple iOS devices. The Neon Genesis Evangelion event will be in effect until August 23, 2020, complete with an Evangelion Special Dungeon, challenge and multiplayer events, and Eva Memorial Egg Machine.

Sours: https://www.siliconera.com/the-puzzle-dragons-evangelion-event-is-back/

Puzzle evangelion

Eva Store Original Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance Pilots Jigsaw Puzzle

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Neon Genesis Evangelion - Angel Drop Mobile Game

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