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When I first started writing for 50Thirdand3rd here, my intentions were to share my love of indie music with the masses. Having a platform to reach people I never thought possible, was like a dream coming true! More importantly, it could help spread the word of artists who may not get the exposure they deserve. After a few articles went live, a few indie labels reached out to me and asked if I was interested in covering their releases. This blew me away! Not only was I given the opportunity to write about records but now the labels were asking me? I couldn’t have been happier!

One of the first labels to reach out to me was Lazy Boy Recording Co. Over the years I’ve developed a good relationship with them and covered a few of their releases like Scantron and Adam Faucett. But just like every independent business, Lazy Boy went on a short hiatus. Be it catch their breaths, reevaluate their priorities, or whatever, it was none of my business. However, now they’re back and once again poised to on the indie rock scene with Worry/Truth Be Told by Chris Black.

“Truth Be Told” is a somber, but satisfyingly intimate anti-ballad about owning the hardships of the human condition. Side B’s “Worry” trades the self-depreciation for something a little more into blues-rock territory. The guitar tone coated in nicotine, and his vocals beneath natural reverb as if he’s pouring his heart out in a dive bar at 2 am. The best part about both tracks is Chris Black means it. These aren’t two superficial blues jams made for car commercials, they’re living and breathing tracks directly from the heart of the artist.

This all comes back to what I enjoy about indie music. It’s not about selling enough records to buy a yacht, it’s about financing the next project. Whatever Lazy Boy Recording Co. had to do before reconvening with this release, it worked. I’m passionate about recommending this release to anyone who reads this article. Just as Chris Black is passionate about his heart and soul on these songs. And Lazy Boy Recording Co. is passionate about getting that music out there. With all of those things coming together, you already know this is a special release. What are you waiting for? Pick up Worry/Truth Be Told today!

Worry/Truth Be Told is now available on limited edition vinyl at Lazy Boy Recording Co.


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Aaron The Audiophile

Son, brother, uncle, musician. I enjoy music of all genres, shapes and sizes, preferably the good kind.


Embracing Passion

Promoting "Local" Music

Promoting "Local" Music

We are a group of 46 individuals from all over the world who found friendship through our love of music & collecting vinyl. 

Our passion and friendship have brought us together here and we are loving it!

Promoting "Local" Music

Promoting "Local" Music

Promoting "Local" Music

What makes our Label unique is the vast geographic representation of local artists and the ability to share within numerous intimate communities.  

   Small Label, Big Reach.

Supporting Artists

Promoting "Local" Music

Supporting Artists

We want our artists to be free to make music and tour (and eat, artists need to eat).

So we are making sure the artists we work with have physical music to get to the ears of their fans, at no cost to the artists

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Lazyboy (musical project)

Not to be confused with Lazyboy (band).

Lazyboy is a musical project started by Aqua member Søren Nystrøm Rasted, also known as Lazy B in the UK. It uses spoken word trivia, self-help advice, voices of people on the street and criticism of modern society set to hip hop-esque beats in a style dubbed "Rhythm'n'Speak" by the creators.

The album Lazyboy TV debuted in 2004 and received some initial airplay with the video for "Facts of Life". The single release of "Underwear Goes Inside the Pants", featuring Greg Giraldo, made a name for Lazyboy, charting at #5 in Australia and topping the iTunes download chart. However, both the second single "Inhale Positivity" and the Lazyboy TV album missed the charts internationally.

In 2006, it was announced the project would change its name to LazyB for the impending UK release in July. According to the official site, LazyB was commissioned to produce a piece for the Royal Danish Ballet to commence in Copenhagen in March 2007.

On 5 December 2012, LazyB released "2012 - Shift happens". Its companion music video was directed by Alan Smithee and features footage of the past year's events. The track featured Lene Nystrøm on vocal and David Bateson on spoken word.[1]





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