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All of the raids in Burning Crusade Classic (and when they’ll be released)

The Burning Crusade had a series of raids throughout its time, from 10 player raids like Karazhan and Zul’Aman to the seven 25 player raids. Some of these raids had long, involved attunement quests which we’ve covered already, such as Karazhan, Tempest Keep, and Serpentshine Cavern, while other raids like Gruul’s Lair, Magtheridon’s Lair, and the Sunwell did not, but regardless all of the raids were fairly involved affairs. Making the jump from 10 player to 25 player was hard on a lot of guilds as well, and the addition of Badge of Justice gear throughout the expansion meant that 10 player groups could basically keep running Kara and ZA for Badges to buy gear on par with Black Temple by the end of the expansion.

So let’s talk about all the raids you’ll get to explore in Burning Crusade Classic and the phases where you can expect to see each raid debut.

karazhan's nightbane

Phase 1 raids


This was the entry level 10 player raid, the first raid most players in BC got to see, and a magnificently lore-filled extravaganza. Karazhan‘s 12 potential encounters (including the optional Nightbane fight with an unlock of its own) were an excellent entry level experience, a training ground for future raid complexity, and a lucrative source of Badges of Justice for players who were otherwise finished with the encounters and ready to move on to other content. Plus, until the arrival of Zul’Aman (which will be in Phase 4 of BCC) it was pretty much the only place for smaller raid groups to go if they couldn’t get enough people for 25 player content. Standout fights include Netherspite, Nightbane, the infamous Shade of Aran with its ubiquitous Flame Wreath meme, and of course Prince Malchezaar.

Two pieces of Tier 4 dropped in Karazhan, as the tokens for the helmet dropped from Prince Malchezaar, while the Curator drops the token for the gloves.

Gruul’s Lair

It’s a toss up whether your group ran Gruul or Magtheridon as their first 25 player content in TBC. Gruul was harder to PuG with its council fight surrounding High King Maulgar before Gruul himself, a fight that required a fairly skilled Mage or Warlock to tank one of the caster mobs. Gruul was also necessary for the Serpentshrine Cavern’s attunement quest before it was removed. He dropped Tier 4 leg tokens, while Maulgar dropped the shoulder token.

Magtheridon’s Lair

A lot of lairs in this first phase of Burning Crusade Classic, just as there were when Burning Crusade first appeared for us all to play through. There’s only one encounter in the Lair, which is with Magtheridon himself, but the fight is a touch more complicated with an early add phase and the cube mechanic to keep in mind. Magtheridon drops the token for Tier 4 chest armor.

In order to complete a set of Tier 4, you need to run both 10 and 25 player content. After this, future raid tier gear was exclusive to 25 player raids.

Phase 2 raids

Serpentshrine Cavern

The home of Lady Vashj and her Naga minions, this raid is purely a 25 player one. It had an extensive attunement process that required earlier 25 player raids like Gruul, and also required Nightbane from Karazhan. Furthermore, to unlock the later Mount Hyjal and Black Temple raids, you had to complete Serpentshine and defeat Lady Vashj herself. Three pieces of Tier 5 — the Gloves, Legs, and Helms — were purchased with tokens that dropped in Serpentshrine Cavern.

Tempest Keep

Kael’thas Sunstrider ruled the Blood Elves ‘loyal’ to Illidan Stormrage from this former Naaru dimensional ship. Like Serpentshrine, it had a detailed attunment chain, and also like SSC, it was necessary to defeat Kael’thas in order to attune to Mount Hyjal and Black Temple. The tokens for Tier 5 Shoulders and Chest pieces were available in Tempest Keep, and Kael’thas drops a special rare mount, the Ashes of A’lar.

Phase 3 raids

Hyjal Summit

This Caverns of Time raid required you to kill both Kael’thas and Lady Vashj to even enter it, and was itself required in order to enter Black Temple. The five bosses here drop various items, including the helm and glove tokens for Tier 6, and the trash waves were some of the most difficult in World of Warcraft up to that time, with guilds experimenting in all manner of creative ways to clear them as quickly as possible. Paladin tanks would often see their shields break due to the sheer volume of mobs beating on them, and Warriors using Spell Reflection were often used to tank the caster mobs if at all possible. The boss fights, while often difficult, were often less stressful than the trash, which came in eight waves before the boss. Wipe at any point, even the boss, and you started again from the first wave.

The Black Temple

The raid where players could confront Illidan Stormrage, The Black Temple is where The Burning Crusade’s first legendary dropped, the Warglaives of Azzinoth. You could also pick up the shoulder, leg, and chest tokens for Tier 6. You finally got to fight Illidan himself, after getting to see a little too much about the guy and his enormous creepy harem of Blood Elves and a few Succubi thrown in for good measure. Since there are no Monks, Death Knights or Demon Hunters in Burning Crusade Classic, the Warglaives will be fought over by your Rogues and Warriors, the only classes that could use them back then.

Phase 4 raids


The only other 10 player raid in Burning Crusade Classic, ZA became a kind of combination of catch-up for players primarily doing 10 player content and a flexing destination for 25 player raiders who wanted to show off how fast they could complete the zone, thanks to the built in timer before some important hostages got murdered. More importantly, if you did it fast enough, you got a bear mount.  The fights in ZA were very difficult for the time, and the gear was on par with Tempest Keep/SSC, with some pieces being itemized well enough that they were almost as good as Hyjal/BT gear. However, no tier gear dropped in ZA. The OG Troll from Warcraft 2, Zul’jin, was the end boss of the 10 player ZA raid.

Phase 5 raids

Sunwell Plateau

There were no attunements necessary for the Sunwell Plateau, but this 25 player raid was not something you wanted to just walk into without doing some earlier raids. Even if you geared up through Badge of Justice clears of Karazhan and ZA, you’d struggle in this, the final raid of the expansion. Sunwell Plateau had several gear checks, such as the terrifyingly hard Brutallus, the guild-destroying M’uru, and of course Kil’jaeden himself, which dropped the second legendary of the expansion, the amazing Thori’dal. Yes, a Hunter legendary, that a lot of Warriors and Rogues took because we’re terrible.

And that’s all the raids you’ll see in Burning Crusade Classic. I hope you like running stuff to unlock the ability to run other stuff, because you’ll be doing a lot of it.

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The Burning Crusade Classic: Every Raid, Ranked By Difficulty

Every game needs new content sooner or later, even a vintage favorite like Classic World of Warcraft. Other than the new zones that everyone rolls an alt to explore, The Burning Crusade is all about the new end game content for your main, and everything else is gravy. In the days before Heroic dungeons existed that meant raids. These were the 20 and 40 players dungeons that were of a higher difficulty level and dropped the best loot.

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In response to overwhelming demand, Blizzard added nine new raids with The Burning Crusade and the same ones are in the current Classic WoW expansion. That's impressive considering that there were only seven in the whole of the original game. The raids in TBC require attunement like their Classic counterparts, and that includes a long process to follow that lasts for ten levels. Players take on a lengthy quest chain that takes them through several dungeons and raids, although not all TBC raids are included in the questline. As they progress so does the difficulty. The following list generally follows the same ranking as the TBC raid progression quests.

Updated by Kristy Ambrose on June 11th, 2021: Now that The Burning Crusade expansion is live, we've reviewed our raid addons and have added more current information. This includes more details regarding the attunement process that starts at level 60 for players that plan to raid at level 70. Even when a raid has a level requirement, if there's a quest for the attunement process, players can usually start it a few levels earlier and be able to access the raid immediately. There are also two outdoor raid bosses in Outland that deserve a spot on the list.

11 Karazhan, Level 70

Ever wonder why Deadwind Pass and the adjacent zone, Duskwood, are so messed up? It's time to find out, and we're not just farming runecloth from ogres this time. There's a lot of lore and powerful magical items to be found in Medivh's former home. Karazhan is one of the easiest of the new raids, only requires 10 players, and it's the first one most players get into after they hit 70.

The attunement process, however, is a lengthy one and it's recommended that players start the long quest chain as soon as it becomes available at level 68. You can start this questline in Shattrath with a former apprentice who sends you to the location or just head straight to Deadwind Pass and find the quest on your own.

10 Zul-Aman, Level 70

The new Blood Elf zones are usually associated with starting levels, but the enemies of the Sin'Dorei are still in the Ghostlands, and they aren't done yet. That refers to Trolls along with the Scourge, which explains Zul'Aman. Low-level players will also have some Troll encounters while they grind through the zone.

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Players will learn about one of Azeroth's oldest and most bitter rivalries while they explore Zul'Aman, which consists of a city and temple, populated by the Amani Tribe. This is slightly tougher than Karazhan and has better loot but it's one of the few raids not required for the attunement process. Players can access the raid at level 68 but the recommended level is 70.

9 Doom Lord Kazzak, Level 70

Players from Classic WoW will remember some shenanigans with this character, who was once close enough to kite into Alliance territory to wreak some havoc. Originally an elite boss from the Blasted Lands, he can be found today in Hellfire Peninsula at the Throne of Kil'jaeden.

This big baddy hits for an average of 8000 and fighting him is no joke. You need a group of at least 30 players, all with gear from at least Karazhan, to even have a chance against him. The good news is he's an outdoor boss and no attunement is required.

8 Gruul's Lair, Level 70

One of the new raids that's more like Onyxia's Lair, in the sense that the design is only a small cave with some trash and two bosses. This is also part of a long quest chain that leads through the Bladefist Mountains as well as being connected to the raid attunement questline. You also don't need to be on the quests to join a raid to kill Gruul.

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Regarding difficulty level, overall this is one of the easiest raids to access as it doesn't require attunements but still has some great loot. Players get here as soon as possible for the tradeable armor tokens, some of which are Best-in-Slot (BiS) for some classes.

7 Serpentshrine Cavern, Level 70

Serpentshrine Cavern is the fourth and last instance in Coilfang Reservoir in Zangarmarsh, and by the time most players reach this raid, they will already be familiar with how to access the entrance. After players visit Karazhan and Gruul's lair, they'll receive the Mark of Vashj and are attuned to enter the cavern.

It's not just the gear and the attunement chain that brings players here. There are also plenty of high-level patterns and recipes that drop from the trash in this instance, so it's worth the trip even if you're not doing the attunement chain.

6 Magtheridon’s Lair, Level 70

This is the raid wing of Hellfire Citadel, a prominent landmark on the ashen landscape only steps from the Dark Portal. Players that are looking for Tier 4 armor tokens will visit this raid, which falls in the middle of the list regarding difficulty level and doesn't require attunement, but you do need to be level 70 in order to enter the instance.

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It's a quick visit, similar to Gruul's Lair and Onxyia, to a raid that consists of only a few rooms and in this case, four bosses. Players can actually see the pit where he's kept when going through the Blood Furnace, a level 62 dungeon, that's located upstairs. There are separate quests connected to the raid if you need an extra incentive to visit.

5 Doomwalker, level 70

Players get to know more generic Fel Reavers in Hellfire Penninsula and considering how big and noisy this thing is, it's impressive how often it sneaks up on people. This is a special Fel Reaver and it patrols Shadowmoon Valley, sent by Kil'jaeden to guard the Gates of the Black Temple.

He's not a part of the Black Temple instance and is considered a world boss, so the attunement required for the raid isn't needed to group up and kill him. The Doomwalker is found outside the main gates, but players access the raid through an entrance in the Ruins of Karabor to the south.

4 The Eye, Level 70

Players visit the pinnacle of Tempest Keep close to the end of the TBC raid attunement process. After completing Serpentshrine Cavern, killing Lady Vashj, and finishing "The Hand of Gul'dan" quest, players are tasked with defeating the final boss of this raid, Kael'thas Sunstrider.

They now have the materials to complete the attunement for Mount Hyjal. However, even if players not on the attunement quest the Tier 5 armor tokens drop here, along with the rare and beautiful Ashes of Al'ar mount.

3 The Battle for Mount Hyjal, Level 70

This is where the Tier 6 armor tokens drop, which is the real meaning behind a crazy quest chain that started way back in Karazhan and continues here. Mount Hyjal is located in the Caverns of Time, a location that includes two other instances that are also part of the attunement process. Players usually start with Old Hillsbrad Foothills, followed by Black Morass, before advancing to this raid.

The Caverns of Time is made up of two 5-player instances and one 25-player raid. Like the other two, it recounts the story of another famous historic event. Players who are familiar with the Night Elf campaign from Warcraft 3 will recognize the fight against Archimonde and the Burning Legion at Nordrassil, the first World Tree.

2 Black Temple, Level 70

Naturally, the icon of the expansion would have its own raid, and it would have to be close to the top of the ranking for the most difficult. Illidan Stormrage is one of the most powerful characters in Azerothian lore, so he's not exactly a pushover.

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It's not just the Tier 6 pieces that drop here, it's also those crazy fist weapons Illidan is always pictured holding, The Twin Blades of Azzinoth. This is the pinnacle of the attunement process, requiring aspiring players to have completed the questline up to Mount Hyjal before they're able to enter the sanctuary of the Lord of Outland.

1 Sunwell Plateau, Level 70

The Sunwell Plateau is intended to be the most difficult raid in the game, designed for characters with Tier 5 and 6 sets that would have come from the Black Temple and Mount Hyjal. Despite those details, it doesn't require attunement, only the appropriate max level and raid gear. The Sunwell Plateau feels like an extension of Silvermoon City, and the only TBC raid that uses the Blood Elf aesthetic.

At the end of this raid, players will face Kil'jaeden, one of the most powerful villains in the expansion, and possibly one of the most notoriously evil figures in WoW history.

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World first Burning Crusade Classic raid clears - Gruul, Karazhan and Magtheridon

World of Warcraft: Classic players started streaming through the Dark Portal to Outland to level up in Burning Crusade Classic, and while most have not even reached level 70 yet, or even thought about unlocking flying, guilds have been racing for world-first raid clears in what can only be described as a feat of utter dedication. <Progress> became the first guild in the world not only to clear Karazan but also Gruul's Lair and Magtheridon. 

TBC Classic World First raid clears

At around 01:00 CET on 3rd June, roughly 24 hours after the servers for TBC Classic went live, <Progress> on Firemaw (EU) became the first guild to kill all bosses in Karazan, as well as Gruul's Lair and Magtheridon. 

This means the guild managed to level up many of its members to 70, but still have quite a few under 70 as well. That didn't stop them from taking down High King Maulgar in only three attempts. 

world first burning crusade classic raid clears <progress> gruul magtheridon karazan <Progress vs Magtheridon (Picture: Tetsu)

The team then went on to Karazan to clear the first few bosses, then back to Gruul's Lair to finish off Gruul himself, and then killed Magtheridon as well.

They then moved back to Karazan (at this point a player even fell asleep) after gearing up in dungeons a bit to achieve the world first tier 4 raids clear in Burning Crusade Classic.

One of the <Progress> members, Tetsu, recorded their entire push for TBC Classic world firsts, which you can view via two videos below if you have time.

A huge congratulations go out to <Progress> who managed to get all three Tier 4 raids cleared first in Burning Crusade Classic.

Now, we hope to see the EU guild get some rest, this was a non-stop push since the release of the Classic expansion.

Check out our dedicated World of Warcraft section for news, guides and more.

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Burning Crusade Raiding - Time Warp Episode 14

Shortly after being the first five-man group to reach level 70 in WoW: The Burning Crusade Classic, the Progress guild moved onto raids. A guild member streamed their entire run on his Twitch channel, where the community could see all the decision-making from the Progress guild to ensure that they’d be the first to clear the raids.

The veteran players made quick work out of the available Phase One raids in TBC Classic and overcame another popular guild, APES, who were the first to clear the Molten Core in Classic. They attempted to replicate the same tactic in TBC Classic by beginning Gruul’s Lair with most players still below the max level but failed to get any progress going.

Progress focused on leveling up instead and began the instance with their players having at least an extra level over APES, securing a kill against High King Maulgar in three attempts. But they weren’t able to push any further, being wiped against Gruul due to having unsuitable items for the encounter. Even by following the required tactics, it wasn’t enough to pass through some DPS checks to take him down.

After realizing that they needed more gear, the Progress guild split their raid members into two five-man groups to queue dungeons and farm gear. Their tactic proved successful and allowed them to clear the first three bosses of Karazhan before retreating to finish Gruul and clearing Magtheridon. With the other two raids cleared, they went back to Karazhan to finish up the raid, which is considered to be easier than the first two. The run went smooth and posed no challenges to the guild, who managed to secure the world-first TBC Classic of Karazhan, Gruul’s Lair, and Magtheridon.

The next challenge for the guild will be the Phase Two raids, which will be released at an unknown time. Serpentshrine Cavern and The Eye in Tempest Keep will be coming at a later date, and while they’re theoretically harder than the currently available raids, most players managed to accumulate enough experience over the years by playing on various unofficial TBC servers. It’s unlikely that the bosses will manage to survive for longer than 24 hours once they’re released in the raids, and based on the current standings within TBC Classic, both APES and Progress will be making a run at it.

Sours: https://dotesports.com/wow/news/progress-guild-clears-all-3-phase-one-wow-the-burning-crusade-raids-a-day-after-launch

Progression tbc raid

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TBC Classic World First T5 Clear I Xploitz [Progress] EU Firemaw I Prot Warrior PoV (SSC)

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