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Another Breast Pumping Mystery Solved! Does Higher Pump Suction Mean More Milk?

So, we thought we would set the facts straight about just how much vacuum is the right amount.

High Vacuum May Cause Damage to Your Nipples and Breasts

Every woman’s nipples have a different level of sensitivity. While your friend may use the pump on the highest vacuum level with no problems, the same setting may not be right for you.

Too high vacuum may cause pain and eventually may also cause damage to the delicate skin around your breast, areola and nipples. It may also cause a reduction in your milk flow.

If too much of the breast tissue is pulled into the funnel part of the breast shield it can compress (squeeze) your breast, and therefore also the ducts which are lying very close to the surface of the skin.

If these ducts are compressed, milk is unable to flow through them correctly and can lead to poor milk drainage.

If you are finding pain in your breast or nipple with any level of vacuum you may be using the wrong sized PersonalFit(tm) breast shield. Read more on how to size your nipple correctly to ensure you are always comfortable during a pumping session.

What is the Maximum Comfort Vacuum Level for You?

It is important to always use the pump at the suction level which feels right to you, not just pressing the + button until you get to the highest setting!

The Maximum Comfort Vacuum is the highest vacuum a mother can use and still be comfortable. You can determine your own Maximum Comfort Vacuum by increasing the vacuum until pumping feels slightly uncomfortable (not painful), then decreasing the vacuum slightly.

Does Higher Suction Increase Milk Supply and Flow?

A study looked at milk flow, milk volumes and vacuum levels during pumping sessions. The study asked the mothers to set the pump vacuum to their Maximum Comfort Vacuum and pump for 15 minutes.

The researchers measured how quickly the milk flowed and the total volume of milk pumped. Then, repeated the pumping sessions, asking the mothers to now pump at one to three vacuum levels softer.

The results showed that when the mothers used the pump at the highest vacuum they could tolerate (Maximum Comfort Vacuum), their milk flow and volume of milk pumped was higher.

Can Our Tolerance for a Particular Suction Level Change?

Every day – and sometimes every feed – your breasts may feel different. Some days, they may feel more sensitive than others. Or, it’s even possible that one side will be more sensitive than the other. This is all very normal!

This means that the level you pump on one day may change the next day. Always start by turning your pump on and waiting until you have switched over into the expression (slower) pumping mode.

Ask yourself; how does it feel? If it is comfortable, then turn up the + button one level at a time and wait to see how it feels. All Ok? Then turn the vacuum up again.

Do this until it feels slightly uncomfortable and then turn press the – button to go down a level. This is the right suction level for you today. This is your Maximum Comfort Vacuum which allows you to pump out the most milk you can.

Conclusion – It’s All About Balance!

A high suction level is effective to help you drain the breast of as much milk as possible, but this must be done without causing pain to yourself. Always use you own personal Maximum Comfort Vacuum level.

How would you describe your own breastfeeding journey? What questions do you have about breastfeeding, breast pumps or being a new mum? Let’s have a chat here or on the Medela Australia Facebook page!


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Does Breast Pumping Really Work?

cindymartin | Jul 6, 2015

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While many of us want decent looking real boobs, many of us too shy away from hormones and herbal concoctions.  I don’t think I need to explain why this is, but suffice it to say that for some of us the journey to larger breasts doesn’t include this approaches.

This really only leaves a couple of choices: pumps and body shapers being the main ones.

If you happen to already have sufficient body mass on your chest, a body shaper can really work wonders as a temporary fix. But obviously, such products are only effective while wearing them, if then. . . I’ll discuss these further in a future article.

So what about breast pumping? Now for the sake of clarity I’m not here talking about breast feeding pumps. Instead,  we’ll focus on cups you put on your breasts and then vacuum pump them to enlarge the target areas.

Generally, I would have to say that breast pumping does work, but don’t expect a quick result. It is likely to take a very long time to achieve your goals, but there are some real advantages to that. Now I should say that before breast pumping I was flat as can be, with very small nipples. I also am rather slender, so there wasn’t much to work with in the first place. Nevertheless, I have been able to go from basically zero to nearly a B-cup, though I must emphasize that this took more than a year of very regular pumping.

Here’s what I would recommend as a basic plan. Do keep in mind that any form of suction on your body is going to leave some indentations around the target area. Don’t sweat that. . . it will go away.  But don’t be a fool and use these products for hours on end. When anything hurts. . . Back off. Tomorrow is another day.

The Steps I Used:

  1. Don’t rush out and get breast pumping stuff immediately. Instead, you want to enlarge your nipples. This will make pumping more effective in my experience. My personal favorite product for this is Supple Nips.
  2. Start small, with say a size 1 or 2. Soon enough you’ll be able to get to size 3 and up.  These little suction devices are comfortable and highly effective. You can wear them for quite a long time and believe me, they WILL increase your nipple size. TIP: If at any point the stretching (because that is what they do) hurts. . . remove them. Otherwise you’ll get blisters. That’s not dangerous, but you do have to allow a blister to heal before your next session (of course).  But these products, made of silicone, really work and some claim to wear them all day. . . Just be smart and don’t overdo. Beware: your nipples will enlarge and stay that way if you use these products for  an extended period. I personally wanted that. Up to you.
  3. Hog nips in action.

    Hog nips in action.

    Next up the ladder are a product called Hog Nips. These can be thought of as super large Supple Nips. These soft, silicone suction devices stretch a much larger area than the Supple Nips. Similarly, some report being able to wear them for hours. Same warning as earlier: go easy. These products will extend the area around your nipples and areolas, however, the effects are rather temporary at first. I like to use these now just before I do my serious pumping as they kind of give your boobs a warm-up before the heavy stuff

Breast Pumping

Be advised that there is a lot of junk out there for breast pumping. Cheap cups will not last. If you’re really going to do this, get high quality cups.

The most often recommended product out there is the Noogleberry and if I was starting out I’d go for the Noogleberry Medium Airlock Breast Pump  with a couple of important additions.

  1. Medium rings (a MUST)
  2. A single tube

Why the extras? If you recall, I mentioned that all suction products WILL leave an indentation. This isn’t so bad with the Supple and Hog nips, but it positively hurts when you do full on cup-based pumping without the rings. Believe me, they make a huge difference and are will worth the additional cost. PLUS they really help to get a solid vacuum seal.

The Noogleberry pump.

The Noogleberry pump.

Why the single tubing? Trying to hold a pair of breast cups to your chest and at the same time pumping to get a seal is ridiculously hard with two hands.  Instead, pump one breast with a single tube and then add the other.  Once they’re well sealed you can use the double tube, but really I doubt you’ll want to fumble much with it.

What’s nice about getting the vacuum airlock type cups is that you can quickly remove the pumping stuff and just have the cups on. I mean, do you really want to walk or sit around with a pair of breast cups and a pump hanging off you?

I actually combine noogleberry products with a pump I bought separately and thanks to the airlock system they all work together well. . . but do NOT forget to get those rings!

The Pumping Itself

Again, don’t be idiotic. Don’t try for huge boobies right away. Don’t pump so hard that your boobs turn purple! Go for a bit. They’ll redden as they expand. That’s fine, but don’t pump so hard or so long that you get purple boobs. . . you can really hurt yourself if you do that. A few minutes is PLENTY.

I really recommend that you don’t exceed 5 on the pump scale. Certainly not at the beginning. It will hurt like hell, even at that lowish level, especially if you go on for more than a few minutes.

Again, a little pain is alright, but don’t go overboard and give those boobies a REST. I find it’s actually better to go for just a few minutes, then come back for a few.

But Does All This Effort Pay Off?

Indeed it does. But, this isn’t a quick process. It may take you, as it took me, a few years to increase a size. Though it took far less time to enlarge my nipples.

But there is an advantage: The effects of pumping are temporary and long-term. For example, when you pump, your boobs will pretty quickly increase in size, mostly from swelling. The swelling will go down after an hour or so, depending on how much you pumped. So for all intents and purposes you’ll get back to your original shape after a while. HOWEVER, that original shape will be a touch bigger than it once was. I have noticed ZERO shrinkage back to my totally flat shape. Again this takes some time and you need to be patient, but if you need to have your “man chest” back (for whatever reason) this is a good thing.

With vacuum breast pumping you are stretching your boobs and their muscles. Working them out if you will. I haven’t noticed any stretch marks, instead, what I’ve noticed is when I’m not wearing a bra or shaper that my chest is fuller and my nipples hang down a bit, I do have to wear slightly looser shirts, but I don’t mind at all. And the sensitivity increase to my boobs and nips is just wonderful.

Is  Pumping For You?

If you want quick, permanent breast growth, NO, it’s not for you.

If you are patient and want to slowly increase your cup size, and it is slow, then YES. And pumping coupled with wearing a good bust shaper will definitely give you a bust line . . . at least for a couple hours.

Cindy Martin

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