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It’s the pint-sized, bare boned, 50cc sensation that took America by storm. The Honda Ruckus has grown into an icon in US scooter culture since its introduction in the 2003 model year.

So here’s everything you need to know about about Honda’s much loved NPS50, more commonly known as the Ruckus or Zoomer.

Honda Zoomer

Honda Ruckus – An Introduction

The Honda NPS50 first graced the scooter scene in 2001, under the name the Honda Zoomer. It was originally released in the Japanese market only.

Design-wise, the NPS50 was unlike other scooters at the turn of the century. It boasted a game changing, skeletal body frame and monstrous fat wheels. Through the Zoomer, Honda had created a motor scooter fit for the streets and the dusty side streets.


Two years later in 2003, the Zoomer made its way over to North America where it was marketed as the Honda Ruckus for the first time, a name that has stuck with the scooter until the present day.

Back in 2005, the Ruckus was introduced to Europe under the Zoomer name and with the noticeable difference of having two additional valves and fuel injection (PGMFI) which the original North American models lacked.

However, one slight modification Honda did make to the Ruckus was to shorten the front and rear suspensions to 56mm (front) and 66mm (rear) which made the tiny scooter even shorter.

In 2006, Honda launched an updated Ruckus with a fresh ventilation system for the 50cc engine.

The updated Ruckus could rev to a higher redline limit and performed noticeably in fuel and oil efficiency tests.

Cosmetically however, the Ruckus remained practically the same. Slight modifications were made to make the mirrors more stable after some owners complained that they would come loose at higher speeds.

Oh, and between 2006-2008, Honda tipped the seat slightly forward. I’m not sure why…

Girl on Ruckus

2007 saw the Zoomer in Japan get a revised Deluxe Edition with special paint options, sweet rims and fresh seat cover. The Deluxe edition of the Ruckus was not sold in North America.

For the 2008 model year, Honda Zoomers in Japan received Honda’s PGMFI Fuel Injection system whereas North American Ruckus’ received updated turn signal indicator light colors instead.

Peaking popularity for the Ruckus in 2009 saw an early release date for 2009 models in July 2008.

However, the timing of this proved catastrophic due to the global recession that ensued. There was an abundance of 2009 Ruckus models which remained on shop floors and Honda made the decision to skip the 2010 model year.

North American Ruckus sales had recovered by 2011, prompting another early release of 2011 Ruckus models in May of 2010.

In 2012, Honda unveiled a hot new white and red, traditional Honda racing color scheme for the Ruckus which commemorated 10 years of the Ruckus.

Color scheme red and white Ruckus

Honda introduced some new features for the Ruckus in 2012, although to date there has been no major overhaul of the Ruckus since its launch 2001.

Remember the seat which Honda decided to angle forwards in 2006? They fixed that in 2012, restoring it to its natural 90 degree configuration. 2012 models also came with a locking mechanism which allowed you secure your helmet under the seat and deter potential thieves.

And in 2019, there are no notable performance or cosmetic upgrades or changes for the Ruckus. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” must be the thought process at Honda as the Ruckus continues to sell well in all markets.

Do You Need A License To Drive A Ruckus?

The Ruckus has a 49cc engine which only allows it to reach speeds of 30mph on level ground.

According to the state laws in many states, this will mean that the Ruckus is classed as a “moped” or “motor-driven cycle” and you won’t require a motorcycle licence to operate one.

You will however, require a standard driver’s license in these states before you can operate a Ruckus legally on public highways.

This won’t be the case in all states, so be sure to do your research for your home state.

I have written articles on the latest moped and scooter laws which should have you covered. Check them out here!

Does Honda Still Make The Ruckus?

Yes. After more than 15 years, the Honda Ruckus is still in production and has hardly changed in terms of design from its launch version. You can buy or finance a Ruckus from numerous dealers in 2019 in North America, Europe and Asia.

2019 Ruckus

How Much Is A Honda Ruckus?

The 2019 retail price for a Honda Ruckus in North America, as stated on the Honda Powersport website, is $2,749 (August 2019).

This makes the Ruckus a popular choice for students and those without multiple passengers as a reliable and cost effective alternative for a second hand car of the same price.

If you’re in the market for a brand new 2019 line Ruckus, i’d suggest checking out the official website for the scooter.

What is the top speed of a Honda Ruckus?

The official top speed of the 2019 Honda Ruckus is 30mph, but in reality for the average rider, you’ll be pulling off 35mph on level ground. If you find yourself going downhill, the Ruckus can creep up to 40mph and likewise, climbing steep hills can knock the top speed down to 20mph.

What’s The MPG Of A Honda Ruckus?

The official figure for MPG as claimed by Honda is that the Ruckus will get 114 miles per gallon (US Gallon).

The Zoomer in Europe is quoted at 2.06 Litres per 100km or 137 Imperial MPG.

For those who don’t have a comparison figure in mind, this is an insanely good MPG figure which means you can travel for miles and miles on a single tank of gas.

These figures will vary somewhat according to rider size and riding style.

Does A Honda Ruckus Need A License Plate?

In the majority of states, yes, a vehicle which is driven on public highways is required to be fitted with plates and registered as a motor vehicle.

There will be some states which won’t require registration for a 50cc moped but may instead require some form of plate or stickering.

What Is The Weight Limit On A Honda Ruckus?

The Honda Ruckus is a tough little scooter, although even it will have its limits which will depend in part on the maximum load of the tires your Ruckus in running. On standard tires, the Honda Ruckus has been known to carry riders in excess of 300lbs.

However, riders over 220lbs should expect to experience severe dips in the factory quoted performance figures.

Is There A Difference Between The Honda Zoomer And The Honda Ruckus?

Barely! The Zoomer and The Ruckus are both Honda NPS50 models. The name “Ruckus” was used to launch the Zoomer in the North American Market. Though the NPS50 model shares two separate names, both the Ruckus and the Zoomer are practically identical.

Some small differences include the fact that European and Asian Zoomers are fuel injected and are 4 valve versions. This gives the Zoomer a small performance advantage over the North American Ruckus.

Asian Zoomers have also been blessed with additional paint schemes which North American Ruckus’s are not sold in.

Is A Honda Ruckus 2 Stroke Or 4 Stroke?

The Honda Ruckus is an example of a 4 stroke motor scooter. This means the the piston completes four separate strokes while turning the crankshaft.

The four stroke engine in the Honda Ruckus provides it with improved fuel economy, durability, power and torque, and lower emissions.

Can You Mod A Ruckus?

The Honda Ruckus is one of, if not, the most popular scooter in Asia and North America for modding.

There is an endless range of custom parts for the Honda Ruckus and enthusiasts frequently make their Ruckus their own by modifying the frame, suspension and wheels.

Ruckus culture started in Japan and quickly swept across the West Coast of America where the craze continues to this day.

A heavily modded Honda Ruckus

What Is A Ruckus Clone?

After the rise in popularity of the Honda Ruckus, competitor companies took notice and found there was actually a huge market for rugged, fat wheeled mopeds.

Many manufacturers have tried and failed to dethrone the Ruckus by launching their own ‘cloned’ versions which share an eerie resemblance to popular Honda.

Some examples of these clones include the Ice Bear Mad Dog, the MC-JM50 from Sunny and the Tao Tao Cruiser.

Clones are often priced below or similarly to the Ruckus in an attempt to turn the heads of prospective buyers.

However, none have captured the hearts and imaginations of scooter enthusiasts quite like the Ruckus.

Icebear maddog
Tao Tao cruiser

Is A Honda Ruckus worth it?

The Honda Ruckus has become incredibly popular and people often ask if the gnarly looking 50cc moped is worth it’s almost $3,000 price tag.

The answer, in my opinion, is yes.

The Ruckus appeals to motorcyclist beginners due to its un-intimidating 50cc motor.

‘The Ruck’ also offers a smooth automatic gearbox, it’s a twist and go so you can focus on riding rather than shifting through gears.

The Ruckus’ drum brake set up, a dated design, still holds up due to the fact you won’t be exceeding 30mph on your NPS50.

Added to this, the skeleton frame structure of the Ruckus means it weighs in at a tiny 194 pounds. I’ve seen Ruckus riders that weigh twice that!

Being light weight means a Ruckus stops pretty well. It is also means makes it less intimidating to smaller riders.

But the Ruckus is no lightweight when it comes to sturdiness. These things can take a beating, making them ideal for inexperienced riders. I slid off my Ruckus four times over the 2 years I owned one and it kept getting back up, time after time.

I love the rubber turn signals which are bendy and will also survive a wreck.


Just look at this thing! Rarely does a motor scooter split opinion as this little Honda does. Some, like myself, see at as a stripped down, Mad Max like, post apocalyptic riding machine. Others see it’s dual lamp, miniature stature as being cute, even bug-eyed.

It is for this reason that the Honda Ruckus is probably the most modded scooter in the world.

The customization market for this scooter is incredible and you can completely change the look of your Ruckus if you choose to.

Point being is that there is a place for the Ruckus in everybody’s heart. Its appeal spans genders and generations.

If you’re on the lookout for a scooter for all seasons then look no further. Experienced riders and day one beginners will feel at home on a Ruckus.

College campuses and metropolitan side streets are no match for the mighty Ruckus and did I mention, you can even take your Ruckus off road…



Sours: https://motorscooterreport.com/honda-ruckus/

Description: Fit for Honda Metropolitan 50 02-09 for Ruckus 50 03-16. Interchange Part Number:16710-GET-013 16710-GET-003 Designed to provide reliable and smooth fuel supply, which will greatly improve and optimize vehicle capabilities. Made of advanced material for long lasting durability, it greatly meets OE standard and quality, strict factory testing before shipping. An exact-fit external inline replacement for the original pump, specifically designed for quiet operation. Specification: Material: Metal Plastic Color: Black Type: Fuel Pump Assembly OEM Part Number: 16710-GET-013 16710-GET-003 Model: FP075 Compatibility: For Ruckus NPS50 2003-2016 For Ruckus NPS50S 2004-2009 For Metropolitan CHF50 2002-2009 For Metropolitan CH50A ABS 2004 For Metropolitan CHF50S 2006-2009 For Metropolitan SP CHF50S 2004-2005 For Metropolitan II CHF50P 2002-2005 For Metropolitan II CHF50PA 2004 For Metropolitan II SP CHF50PS 2004-2005 Package Includes: 1 x Fuel Pump Note: Please allow slightly 0-1cm difference due to manual measurement. Colors can appear different depending on light and how the listing is viewed. Thanks for your understanding and attention. Wish you a pleasant shopping experience!

Sours: https://shopee.com.mx/Fuel-Pump-Replace-Fits-for-Honda-Ruckus-50-NPS50-2002-2016-for-Metropolitan-02-09-16710-GET-013-i.410253716.2986820770
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2022 Honda Ruckus 49cc Scooter Review of Specs, Changes, Features + Walkaround - NPS 50
Engine type: 1 cylinders, 4-stroke, Single Displacement:49 cc(2.99 cubic inches)Bore × stroke:38 mm × 44 mm (undersquare - longstroke)Cooling system:Water cooledPower:4.89 HP(3.6 kW)@ 8000 rpmTorque:4.5 Nm(0.46 kg-m)@ 7000 rpmThrottle:Cable operatedValvesValve train:SOHC, variableValves per cylinder:4Fuel and ignitionSparks per cylinder:1Fuel supply system:CarburetorIgnition type:TCI (Transistor Controlled Ignition)Compression:12:1Engine mounting:TransverseLubrication system:Wet sumpGear box:Automatic, Variator clutchClutch: Wet, centrifugal clutch, cable operated Final drive:SprocketStarter:Electric


Physical measuresLength:1860mmWidth:735mmHeight:1025mmWheel base:1265mmGround clearance:145mm Seat height: 735mmWeightDry weight:79kg

Chassis and suspension

Frame type:steel, Backbone frameFrontSuspension:CartridgeBrake:Single DrumTire:120 / 90 R10 R 54 JRearSuspension:mono shock, SwingarmBrake:DrumTire:130 / 90 R10 R 59 J


ABS available:NoFuel capacity:5 lNumber of riders:2 persons
Sours: http://www.mbike.com/site/

Ruckus 2002 honda

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