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If you're in the market for one or more fishing reels, Daiwa should definitely be on your shopping list. This company got its start making spinning reels in 1955. Since then, it has grown to become one of the world's largest manufacturers of fishing tackle, thanks to its innovative, sturdy products. It continues to produce great spinning and other reels with advanced features, like smooth, fade-free carbon drags, magnetic watertight seals and more.

Here at TackleDirect, we carry a big selection of Daiwa saltwater and freshwater fishing reels. Choose from a variety of freshwater spinning reels in all sorts of styles and price points to fit your budget and the sweet-water species you're targeting. If you fish in saltwater, we carry Daiwa spinning reels for casting to everything from inshore gamefish in the bays to large pelagic species offshore.

You'll find Daiwa reels here for all sorts of techniques, tactics and species. We have baitcasting reels that can add power and distance to every cast. Our Daiwa conventional reels are ideal for jigging and bottom fishing.

You can browse plenty of premium trolling reels here as well as line-counter reels to keep tabs on your lures and baits. To go really deep, check out our power-assist and electric reels.
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Daiwa Fishing Reels

Daiwa has been producing reels since the company began in 1955, and, with over half a century of experience under its belts, it’s no surprise that Daiwa reels are among the most popular around the globe. Angling Direct are the leading stockist of Daiwa products in the UK, and, as such, we have a huge range of Daiwa reels on our online store. From multiplier reels to free spool reels, and everything in between, why not have a browse to see if you can find your perfect reel?


Daiwa reels are all precision performance pieces with superb design. All Daiwa reels are made with materials form the cutting edge of reel innovation, and aim to outperform any other reel on the market. Daiwa’s reels are purpose built, and as such they provide reel solutions for anglers across all of the disciplines. From reels designed to perform to the maximum in shallow waters, to reels with incredible durability for top match anglers, Daiwa really does have a reel for all anglers.


Nothing gets past Daiwa’s rigorous testing process either, as the final products are used competitively by Team Daiwa. The team, as you might expect, has the exacting standards to match those of their Japanese founders. This leads Daiwa to constantly push at the edge of material innovation and reel design, and many of the Daiwa reels are constructed from super-advanced materials that the market has never experienced before.


Daiwa constantly re-imagines the reel, and creates reels that have top of the range alloy bodies and beautiful traditional wooden handles. This scintillating mix of old and new captures the Daiwa ethos of connection. The wooden handle represents the connection with nature and the history of traditional fishing, and it is the point at which the hand meets the machine. The alloy body of the reel represents the new, and the need to look forward to the future of angling. Together, they combine to truly encapsulate Daiwa’s ‘Feel Alive’ slogan.


Angling Direct aims to provide these innovative high performance reels to anglers of all abilities and budgets, and we are able to provide exclusive deals across the range of Daiwa reels. This allows even the most novice of anglers on the tightest budgets access to truly world class tackle. Our price checked sticker (found in the top right of the product pages) is our way of telling you that you’re getting the best deal across the board.


If you have any further queries about any of the Daiwa reels, our elite customer services team is always on hand to advise in any way possible. Give them a ring today, all their contact information and operating hours can be found on their dedicated webpage on our site.


Sours: https://www.anglingdirect.co.uk/fishing-tackle/reels/daiwa
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“LT” is DAIWA’ s new spinning-reel concept.
That means LIGHT and TOUGH.

BASS MASTER 2021 Elite Series Team DAIWA dominated the top 5.
Angler of the year Seth Feider.

Learn More

BASS MASTER 2021 Elite Series
Team DAIWA dominated the top 5.

Brandon Palaniuk won the Bassmaster Elite
at Lake Fork on his second Win in this season.

Learn More

Brandon Palaniuk won the Bassmaster Elite
at St. Santee Cooper on his second Win in this season.

Learn More

Brandon Palaniuk and Seth Feider finish in first and second place (respectively)
at the Bassmaster Elite event at Lake Champlain.

Learn More

Back to Back

Team Daiwa pros with back-to-back wins. Chris Johnston wins the Bassmaster Elite event
on the St Lawrence River and Brandon Palaniuk wins the Bassmaster Elite event at Lake Champlain.

Learn More

Learn More

DAIWA's water resistance and durability technology, MAGSEALED makes all others obsolete.

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