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Minecraft Amethyst Crystals - Where to Find Them, What they are, and more!

Minecraft just got much bigger with the latest Caves & Cliffs update. In this, you can find all new mobs, blocks and so much more.

This is all you need to know about the recently added Amethyst.

Latest - Part One Is Live

The team at Minecraft sent out the new update with a lovely video, featuring a new mob, the goat, whacking everything it can find. You can watch that below.

This means you can get into the update right now. This is what you should know about amethysts.

Where to find them

You can find Amethyst Crystals underground in a small cave-like structure known as Amethyst Geodes. The Amethyst Crystals grow on top of the blocks also known as Amethyst Geodes.

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These Amethyst Geodes are given away by a twinkle-like sound when you are near them, adding to the ethereal nature of the cave.

Once found, the Amethyst Geode, which contains amethyst geode blocks and amethyst crystals, can be explored and mined (or at least, the crystals can).

What can I do with them?

Amethyst Crystals are used to create the new telescope item called a Spyglass in Minecraft.

A player will need two copper ingots and Amethyst Crystal shards to make it. This can be used like a zoom function, allowing you to see very far away. It's function is mostly cosmetic right now but teams fighting each other could get some use out of it when protecting their base.

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Amethysts can also be used to make tinted glass, a great way of protecting an area from light or making your room look particularly cool. Amethyst is mostly decorative at this stage but that could change greatly later this year as Caves & Cliffs part two drops.

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Lexicon Entry[]

Crysal energy, if it reaches a critical density, seems to coalesce and crystallize, forming interesting structures that radiate an aura related to the crystal. Aside from their obvious utility as a source of mild effect boosts, their stored crystal energy is clearly going to be invaluable. One wonders how they handle the corrupting influence of the Nether...


Cave Crystals, as the name suggests, can be found within the caves of a world. There are variations in size and color for generated crystals. They generate in the Overworld, Nether, Twilight Forest, RFTools Dimensions, and Mystcraft Ages. Rarely, they can also generate on the surface. These crystals serve as a source of short beneficial effects dependent on the color/type of crystal to the player in all realms with the exception of the nether which will instead provide beneficial effects to any other mob that gets near. For more information on the types of effects crystals can yield see Lumen.

When broken by hand or tool, cave crystals drop a varying number of Crystal Shards. The amount yielded can be increase with the Fortune enchantment. They can also be extracted with the Silk Touch enchantment, allowing the player to place the cave crystals themselves in any location desired. Additionally, if RotaryCraft is installed, silk touched crystals can be placed in the Grinder which grants a 18:1 shard:crystal ratio.



  • When clicked or walked upon, cave crystals will make a sound, varying by element. This is referenced as a joke multiple times within the Chromic Lexion.
  • Cave Crystals that naturally generate can have different models, with varying amounts of visible crystals clumped together.
  • Crystals will generate 2x as often in the Twilight Forest, 1.5x in a Mushroom Island biome, 1.25x in an Ocean Biome, and 1.125x in an Extreme Hills biome
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Crystal caves introduces crystals… to caves in Minecraft. They have a slight glow to them but their main use is for tools/weapons and shatter resistant glass.

You can make crystal tools using the same recipe model as standard tools. They have a slightly higher durability than iron tools but less than diamond. What makes this mod even better is you can also make tools using bones as the handle. This will double the durability regular crystal tools have.

The crystals also make blue glass blocks when you smelt them. They have the same blast resistance as stone so you’ll have a much safer time adoring your walls with these than typical glass blocks.

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Minecraft cave crystals

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Deadly Crystal Cave - National Geographic

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