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A group of teachers with one thing in common - we all have a passion for the subject of Geography. Through collecting great examples of bringing the subject alive, and sharing them on this website, we aim to develop a love for the subject of Geography in children around the world. 

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Technology has been widely adopted in schools but the provision of teaching resources available to make full use of these resources has failed to keep up. We aim to create a wide range of teaching materials that support the teaching and learning of geography in the classrooms with the use of technology. 


FREE Rainforest Printables & Resources

June 22 is World Rainforest Day! Celebrate the protection and beauty of our rainforests with these FREE Rainforest Printables & Resources! Rainforest activities are a great addition to your science lessons, and for inspiring discussion on the current issues with the rainforest. 

Celebrate and raise awareness of our rainforests on June 22 with these FREE Rainforest Printables & Resources! #fhdhomeschoolers #freehomeschooldeals #worldrainforestday #science #hsdays

Most of these resources are suited for younger children, but some can be used with older students as well. Link the rainforest topic with your science class, literacy, history, and even art! Enjoy learning about and celebrating the world’s rainforests!

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FREE Rainforest Matching Game

Rainforest Matching Game: Play a fun memory game of the rainforest animals with these cards from Life Over C’s!

FREE Tot Pack

Rainforest Tot Pack: Practice tracing, number order, and more with these pages from In All You Do!

FREE Animal Habitats Sticker Worksheets

Animal Habitats Sticker Worksheets: Practice fine motor skills using these dot marker/sticker pages from Kindergarten Worksheets and Games!

FREE Hidden letters Alphabet

Rainforest Alphabet Game: Work on your young learner’s letter recognition with these fun hidden letter pages from

FREE Rain-forest Animals Pack

Rainforest Animals Emergent Readers: Grab these leveled readers all about rainforest animals from In All You Do!

cFREE Rain Forest Lapbook

Rainforest Lapbook, Unit Study, and Craft: Create a whole rainforest unit with help from Farm Fresh Adventures!


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Keri is a former elementary and middle school teacher who's worked overseas for 4 years. She loves to write and so decided to pursue her writing dream!
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FREE Animals of the Amazon Rain Forest Printables

Affiliate links may have been used in this post. FREE offers are often time-sensitive and may be limited time only.

The animals of the Amazon Rain Forest are amazing creatures with some pretty cool abilities to survive in such a unique environment. Many of them are extremely bright and colorful and almost look they aren’t real. If your children enjoy learning about animals they are going to have a lot of fun learning about this unique, and beneficial habitat in our world.

free animals of the amazon rain forest printables text with photographs of rainforest and animals.

My children love learning about animals and the homes that they live in. They became very fascinated with animals of the Amazon Rain Forest after watching the movies Rio and Rio 2. They are such cute movies, and some of our favorites to watch together as a family. The second movie is a lot of fun because it takes place primarily in the Amazon Rain forest. It shows quite the fun cast of animals and birds that live there, as well as the large tree canopies and habitats that are high in the sky. It is home to many diverse, unusual and rare animals that can only be found in South America.

The Amazon Rain Forest is a mysterious and beautiful place full of lots of bright colors. It is located in the valley of South America which is called the Amazon Basin. This rainforest provides 20% of the world’s oxygen through the wonderful tree canopies and plants that make up the rainforest. It rains quite frequently in the rainforest. Most of this comes from the high humidity as well as the snow melt off from the Andes mountains. All of this rain makes for a very lush, growing environment. 

Fun Facts about the Amazon Rain Forest:

  • The Amazon Rain Forest is located in South America. It is the largest rain forest in the World.
  • It covers around 6% of the entire World’s surface.
  • The Amazon Rain Forest covers around 2,720,000 square miles of the Amazon Basin.
  • It is home to over 40,000 different plants.
  • Many plants send out poisonous toxins to protect themselves from being eaten by animals. 
  • It is home to over 2,000 species of animals.
  • The Amazon Rain Forest is known as the “Lungs of the Earth”. It produces 20% of the world’s oxygen supply because of all of the trees.
  • It is home to 3,000 types of fish.
  • The Amazon Rain Forest has close to three million insects!

FREE Animals of the Amazon Rainforest Printables:

Rainforest Animals of the Amazon Lapbook Printables – Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus

Printable Rainforest Animal Books – Enchanted Learning

Rainforest Animals Do-a-Dot Printables – Easy Peasy Learners

Learn the Rainforest Animals Matching Game –

South American Rainforest Unit Study and the Poison Arrow Frog – The Homeschool Resource Room

Plants and Animals in the Tropical Rainforest Biome Cards – Preschool Powol Packets

ABC has a page full of Rainforest Habitat and animal worksheets, printables, word searches and more!

Enchanted Learning has tons of free printables on individual rainforest animals and habitats. This would be great to use if you are researching a specific animal.

Rainforest Animal Research Report – Teacher Bits and Bobs

Printable Rainforest Animals File Folder Game – Itsy Bitsy Fun

Rainforest Animals Coloring Prompts – A Little Pinch of Perfect

Printable Rainforest Animal and Plant Coloring Pages – Jan Brett

Rainforest Printable Activities and Lesson Plans – Natural Beach Living

The Best Rainforest Printable Activities, Perfect for a rainforest theme unit study, kids activities & animal habitats, Rainforest Ecology, climate, animals

Learn Create Love has over 10 different printable crafts for certain animals that live in the rainforest. These are so adorable and can be printed out, cut, colored and/or painted.

Layers of the Rainforest:

The Amazon Rainforest has 4 different layers of life to it. These are the: emergent layer, canopy layer, understory layer, and forest floor. Each layer is home to different plants and wildlife. Here are some printables to show your children the different layers and where they are located.

Printable Layers of the Rainforest Poster – Learn Create Love

Layers of the Rainforest Preschool Activities – Things to Share and Remember

Rainforest Layers Poster – Teaching Ideas

Discover the Rainforest Layers – Active Wild

Find even more information and printables about animals of the rainforest in this post:

Animals of the Rainforest

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Rainforest Animals 🐅🌴 - Animals for Kids - Educational Video

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Rainforest worksheets kindergarten

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Explore the Rainforest! - Ecology for Kids

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