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MRP Progressive Spring

The revolutionary Progressive springs fit shocks of any length with 50 - 65mm of stroke. Progressive springs increase ending-stroke support by approximately 20% over linear coil springs - allowing them to be used on frames previously requiring the progressive nature of air suspension.

Technical information: 

Effective rate - 350lb
@ 25% Sag - 350lb  
@ 90% Travel - 375lb (51mm stroke) - 400lb (55mm+ stroke)

Effective rate - 400lb
@ 25% Sag - 400lb
@ 90% Travel - 450lb (51-60mm stroke) - 475lb (63mm+ stroke)

Effective rate - 450lb
@ 25% Sag - 425lb
@ 90% Travel - 500lb (51-60mm stroke) - 525lb (63mm+ stroke)

Effective rate - 500lb
@ 25% Sag - 475lb
@ 90% Travel - 575lb (51-60mm stroke) - 600lb (60mm+ stroke)

Effective rate - 550lb
@ 25% Sag - 525lb (51-60mm stroke) - 475lb (63mm+ stroke)
@ 90% Travel - 650lb (51-57mm stroke) - 675lb (60mm+ stroke)

For further technical information please check MRP's website out.

Please note for use on non-MRP brands you will need a spring spacer kit due to the overall length of the spring, they can be found here. Please see the geometry tab below for which spacer kit you need for non MRP shocks. 


Calling the MRP Hazzard just an all-mountain/enduro shock would be like naming your pet lion Mr. Snuggles. It will get people interested, but really, it kinda gives the wrong impression. The Hazzard is definitely an apex predator in the shock kingdom, able to devour every rock, root and braking bump in sight. That shiny orange climb switch is just camouflage, luring unsuspecting trails into complacency before the Hazzard strikes. 

There are few components that really make an impression when you hold them for the first time. The ones that make you think, “Dang. I’d give three-to-one odds that the only things in my garage that could survive the apocalypse are this shock and all the cockroaches.” The Hazzard is built like an absolute tank, take away the orange anodizing, and its utilitarian nature shows through. Both the shock body and piggyback reservoir are beefy, no-frills pieces, and the chunky adjustment dials have absolutely no play. Each click is solid, there’s no vague “please, be gentle” feel to them like a lot of adjustment dials have. The build quality gives a sense that someone, an actual person, was behind the construction of this shock. 

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MRP Progressive Coil Spring Fitting Length 129x65mm - 450-540 lbs - black

Symbolic picture: For illustrative purposes the product is shown in another color or variation.

MRP Progressive Springs are the only non-linear shock springs on the market. Progressive Springs increase in rate late in stroke to provide additional bottom-out support and open up the use of coil shocks on frames previously only suited to air shocks.


  • Effective rate - 450lb
  • @ 25% Sag - 425lb
  • @ 90% Travel - 500lb (51-60mm stroke) - 525lb (63mm+ stroke)

As with MRP's Enduro SL springs, these springs are offered in a single free length per rate that fits most shocks from 200mm (7.875") to 230mm.* They accomodate up to 65mm of shock stroke. A 1.5" / 38mm ID fits a MRP Hazzard shock natively.
Spacer kits can be purchased separately to use with shocks of other brands.
Included in delivery: 1 coil spring
Material: steel
Weight supplement: manufacturer information
PERFECT MTB Coil Spring Rate - Sprindex Reviewed

Ferrum Bikes | Chromoly Steel Full Suspension MTB Frames


Includes 40x8mm & 22x8mm mounting hardware to fit our frames. MRP’s Hazzard is the ultimate coil shock for our steel single pivot frames. The level of adjustability is unmatched. The Hazzard features the Shred-Lever for stiffening  on-the-fly climbing or stage transfers. Making the ride supremely adjustable is their Low-Speed Compression Knob, High-Speed Compression Knob and Rebound Adjustment knob. The level of control allows you to dial your ride in to unmatched levels of comfort and confidence.

The Hazzard is the new go-to for riders who won’t compromise on performance or control. The Hazzard gives you all the benefits of coil-sprung suspension (supple action, lower friction, longer service life, and more consistency) and control over both high and low-speed compression damping, rebound, and spring preload. If that weren’t enough, the Hazzard features a convenient low-speed compression switch that firms up the shock immensely for sustained climbs and stage transfers – where saving energy is paramount. Plus, with our new Progressive Springs, you can use the Hazzard on bikes that previously required air shocks!


  • Developed specifically for the needs of all-mountain and enduro riders.
  • Features the Shred Lever™ which when engaged reroutes oil through an additional shimmed flow path to greatly boost low-speed compression damping. Say goodbye to energy-sapping suspension movement when you’re hoofing it up steep routes to access rad descents!
  • For our frames they are to be paired with MRP’s Progressive Springs, which increase in spring rate late in stroke to provide additional ramp-up and bottom-out control. These springs are ideal for single pivot frames.
  • Large 14mm diameter shaft and reinforced eyelet joint for better durability with frames utilizing Clevis mounting and/or linkage yokes.
  • Includes seven additional decals in various colors for matching to bike.

CLICK HERE For Spring Rate Calculator

  • For our 145mm travel, shock stroke is 50mm, for our 170mm travel, shock stroke is 57mm

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New progressive spring for my Mountain Bike!

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