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     Alternative, defiant, and nonconforming enthusiasts need look no further than DEMONIA for the most cutting-edge, beyond-the-ordinary line of footwear. Its original meaning and connotation of demonic diva is by no means gender exclusive.

     DEMONIA's no-nonsense, take-no-prisoners attitude is equally desirable to both female and male fans of the alternative underground culture. This vast collection of edgy footwear for both sexes caters to a wide variety of subcultures, and is offered in a variety of styles - from sandals, platforms, and Mary Janes to creepers, Goth, and platform boots. DEMONIA not only reflects the alternative lifestyle, it defines it.

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"Alternative, defiant, and nonconforming enthusiasts need look no further than DEMONIA."

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Demonia Platform Boots STACK308 Black
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Demonia Wedges SHAKER23 Black
Demonia Platform Boots KERA130 Black
Demonia Boots GRAVEDIGGER14 Black
Demonia Wedges WAVE09 Black
Demonia Wedges WAVE09 Pink/Black
Demonia Boots SLACKER165 Black
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