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The sell-out Toni & Guy Deep Barrel Hair Waver is now just £17.99 on Amazon - that's a saving of 25%

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The Toni & Guy Deep Barrel Hair Waver is one of Amazon's most popular hair styling tools, and right now, shoppers can save 25 per cent on the must-have hair tool.

The deep barrel iron creates loose S-shaped waves in a single, simple step that would make a mermaid jealous. Re-creating this beach-inspired look at home has never been easier or cheaper.

Now £17.99 (was £23.95), the Toni & Guy Deep Barrel Hair Waver has received more than 6,000 perfect five-star reviews, and users have called it a 'game-changer' for 'fab wavy locks', with many crowning it 'the best hair tool' they own.

The 32 mm deep barrel on the waver curves your barnet each time you clamp down
Think of the waver as your 90s crimping iron's bigger (and better) sister

The Toni & Guy Deep Barrel Hair Waver, now £17.99 on Amazon, creates perfect beachy waves

With a 32mm barrel, the hair waver creates perfect, glossy beachy waves almost instantly. To use, all you need to do is clamp down on the hair, hold and release.

The Deep Barrel Hair Waver heats up to as high as 200 degrees celsius with 25 temperature options, which makes it easy to set your waves quickly and create your preferred look. For instance, if you like looser waves, turn the heat down.

It transforms even the straightest locks into mermaid-style curls in a matter of seconds - the customer before and after photos are proof of this.

On Amazon - where it holds the number one bestselling spot in the Hair Care Wavers category - shoppers with varied hair lengths and hair types are fans of the curler, raving about its ease of use and ability to create waves that last.

'Omg love love love this hair styling tool,' one shopper wrote. 'Gives me lush mermaid waves and is quicker than Straighten my hair. Stays in for a couple of days too.'

Users have called it a 'game-changer' for 'fab wavy locks', with many crowning it 'the best hair tool' they own

Users have called it a 'game-changer' for 'fab wavy locks', with many crowning it 'the best hair tool' they own

'I can't believe how good this is!' another reviewer wrote in their five-star review. 'I wanted a new tool to either wave or curl my hair and was contemplating the Molly Mae kit.

'I'm so glad I found this. Used it once a week ago, and it hasn't dropped even without hairspray or products. So quick and easy to use too, I love it.'

A third agreed, writing: 'Easy to use, creates the trendy waves in the salon, waves last next day even after washing hair! It was an excellent purchase! Willl defo recommend!'

At this reduced price, we have a feeling it won't be in stock for long - so be sure to add to your Amazon shopping basket before it inevitably sells out again.

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If your love of watching psychologically twisted films can only compete with a thirst for reading late-night Reddit theories about their endings -- looking at you, Tenet fans -- I have a request.

Please stop endlessly scrolling on whatever streaming service you've been staring at, pop on Amazon Prime and watch 2013's low-budget sci-fi flick Coherence ASAP -- it's free for subscribers, right now. I know. I just watched it… for the fourth time.

The initial premise of Coherence is fairly simple. A few friends meet up for a dinner party the same night a mysterious comet is scheduled to fly overhead. It begins as many indie movies do, with a troubled love story, tension between exes and witty banter. 

Then the power goes out. It gets weird. Act two.

Entertain your brain with the coolest news from streaming to superheroes, memes to video games.

Inexplicable events ensue while the ensemble of characters scramble to restore the power. Nothing is as it had seemed. Some start to doubt where they are, others are more concerned with who they are. This isn't a movie about longtime pals' small talk. It's a tale about them coming face-to-face with the terrifying truth of their reality.


If I share any more, I'd be risking massive spoilers about the shocking revelations uncovered during the film. I can assure you, though, that the onscreen confusion is potent enough to force you to question your own sanity. 

I'm only mildly exaggerating.

The next hour or so overflows with plot twists that could rival those of 2010's Shutter Island. The film also expertly alludes to scientific -- and rather philosophical -- concepts that have probably crossed the mind of the late Stephen Hawking. 

Coherence ties together the social, personal and existential consequences that would arise from a complex theory of space and time with a heart-thumping mystery. Speckled with red herrings, easter eggs and a few ambiguities, Coherence is arguably one of the most mind-bending sci-fi films I have ever seen. 

And trust me, I've gone down several sci-fi IMDB lists, diligently watching them in order.

Perhaps I can sell you with the fact that Coherence, which occasionally verges on horror, was made with a scarce budget of just $50,000 and shot over a mere five days. For context, Alfonso Cuarón's 2013 film, Gravity, was made with $100 million.

I've recently been binge-watching low-budget sci-fi movies because I have found that what these films lack in theatrics, they overcompensate for in story. Shoutout to Operation Avalanche (2016), Another Earth (2011) and Primer (2004).

Coherence, however, was the film that started my journey.

Interstellar may have offered the striking image of a giant, iconic wave that nearly wipes out the main characters to the tune of Hans Zimmer. The Martian likely stole your heart with its stunning portrayal of an arid Mars amid a blanket of fog. And Arrival might've been the first time you cried over a shadowy alien doing some inky-looking sign language.

But Coherence elegantly tells the story of a group of friends grappling with actuality, navigating the frightening turns that reality can take -- without the help of CGI, from only one location and with just the sounds of the actors' voices.

Director James Ward Byrkit even decided to forgo a script for the quietly experimental film. "Each day, instead of getting a script, the actors would get a page of notes for their individual character, whether it was a backstory or information about their motivations," he told IndieWire.

Because the actors were left in the dark about how the story unfolds, any stress and perplexity in their performances is authentic. The film's chaotic disarray was actually happening during the movie's filming.

Coherence will keep you guessing along with the actors, elicit audible gasps and make you feel a bit like a sci-fi spy. Hours after the credits roll, you might well experience chills as previously overlooked clues and nuances slowly wash over you.

In fact, I just got goosebumps thinking of that one scene. You'll know which one.

Sours: https://www.cnet.com/news/dont-scroll-past-one-of-the-best-sci-fi-gems-on-amazon-prime-video/

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon.

In the past, maybe you've waited until the eleventh hour to get all of your holiday gift shopping done — but not this year. To help avoid the gift-shopping procrastination stress, Amazon is hosting a month's worth of major beauty deals to encourage you to get all your gift shopping done and dusted well before the cranberry sauce is served. And hey, if it helps you figure out your holiday party look (or give yourself some early gifts) all the better, right?

ICYMI, Amazon's Holiday Beauty Haul is officially on. Between now and the end of the month, you'll be able to shop pages upon pages of deals across a variety of Amazon Beauty categories that offer something for everyone. Keep reading to see our favorite picks currently on sale and get a glimpse of the full calendar of mark-downs.

Currently, some of the best beauty tech and gadgets are being marked down. From now through the 23rd, you can get up to 40% off select hair styling tools, skin-cleansing devices, and much more from brands including Bed Head and Revlon, and Foreo.

What's Next For The Holiday Beauty Haul?

Amazon's Holiday Beauty Haul kicks off October 4 and wraps up on October 25. Since it's a nearly month-long shopping event, every week will offer exclusive discounts focused on a different theme; in other words, think of it as several mini sales rolled into three weeks of insane savings on top beauty products.

What's going to be on sale?

Much like Amazon's Lightning Deals for Prime Day, the Holiday Beauty Haul's Epic Daily Deals are extremely limited (most only last for 24 hours or less), and once they're gone, they're gone for good. But don't fret: You can preview all the upcoming deals ahead of time and set up a game plan to snag your discounted goods quickly and easily.

The calendar of deals for the Holiday Beauty Haul is as follows:

October 4-7: Holiday Look – Save up to 40% on a selection of cosmetics, nail- and hair care products to complete your holiday look.

October 8–11: Winter Skincare – Save up to 34% on a selection of face and body skincare items to prepare you for the cool months ahead.

October 12–15: Men’s Grooming – Save up to 35% on a selection of hair and beard items to upgrade your grooming essentials.

October 16–23: Appliances – Save up to 40% on a selection of top beauty tools and gadgets to upgrade your routine.

October 24–25:Fragrances – Save up to 60% on a selection of holiday fragrances to gift your loved one or yourself.

At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. If you buy something we link to on our site, Refinery29 may earn commission.

Sours: https://www.refinery29.com/en-us/2021/10/10701189/amazon-holiday-beauty-haul-deals

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