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According to case documents, the defendants decided to kill police officers, and the first defendant asked his brother, the ninth defendant who worked in a maritime company, to provide him with a flare gun, telling him that he intended to use it against the police.

Cassation Court upholds death sentence

The weapons handed in Pistols; 8 Revolvers; 22 Rifles.; Shotguns; Imitation/Blank Air weapons 10 others(including "They were being held in good faith by ornamental, flare gun).

Hundreds of reasons our streets are safer..

The weapons handed in are as follows: ?6 Pistols ?8 Revolvers ?22 Rifles ?92 Shotguns ?40 Imitation/Blank firers ? Air weapons ?10 others (including ornamental, taser and flare gun)

AK47 among gun haul surrendered to police

In the first week alone, 17 shotguns were surrendered along with five air weapons, four hand guns, one rifle, seven batches of ammunition and a vintage flare gun.


Welsh trade contacts with Japan, however, are healthy so I am waiting for Edwina Hart's flare gunto hit the Swansea skyline over the lagoon, indicating to everyone that the seafood offensive is on.


Day 1 "We're going to die," shouts Mac, After reason fails, Louie silences Mac with a backhand to the face, Inventory is taken, Only nine items: a flare gunwith only a handful flares, a signaling mirror, a dye marker, a fishing kit, two air pumps in canvas cases, a patching kit, a pair of pliers, eight half-pints of water, and six thick, high calorie, melt-resistant, bitter chocolate Hershey bars.

The green hornet

While Castaneda-Mendez fired away with his camera, Gross pulled out his flare gun. "I'm gonna shoot," he told Chase when the bear was within fifty yards.

The Torngats seven

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Man arrested after flare gun pointed in Belleville&#;s Zwick&#;s Park: police

A year-old Belleville man was arrested on Monday after a man was threatened with a flare gun at Zwick&#;s Park, local police say.

Officers were called to the west end of the park near the bandshell shortly after 9 a.m. Monday.

Witnesses at the park said they saw a man pull out the flare gun and threaten an unknown man with it.

When the police arrived, the victim had already left the area.

David Robertson was arrested and faces charges including pointing a firearm and possessing a prohibited device.

He will appear in court July

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Belleville police are looking to speak with the victim.

Click to play video: 'Belleville Police end standoff after man barricades himself inside a house'Belleville Police end standoff after man barricades himself inside a house

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Flare Gun

This subject is related to the Combine era.
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Flare Gun
Production information

Orion Safety Products (cut)


Orion 12 Gauge Flare Gun (cut)



Technical specifications
  • 12/flare (cut)
  • 0/flare (retail)


Max ammo
  • 20 (cut)
  • Infinite (retail)
Ammo type


  • Low (cut)
  • Perfect (retail)
  • Short (cut)
  • Long (retail)
Used by
Game information

weapon_flaregun (cut)

The Flare Gun is a weapon used by Metrocops, Combine Soldiers and Nova Prospekt Prison Guards in Half-Life 2. Apart from the flare itself, it has no model.


The Flare Gun is first seen in action soon after Freeman leaves Kleiner's Lab, when Metrocops fire flares in the Canals to alert reinforcements. Combine Soldiers also shoot flares along the Coast to summon Gunships and to illuminate unlit spaces, such as cell block D8 in Nova Prospekt after turning off the lights in an effort to ambush Freeman. Later, a Metrocop fires one when Freeman assaults a power generator during the City 17 uprising.

Behind the scenes[edit]

Every time a flare is shot, the shooter is invariably far away or out of the player's sight to prevent them from seeing the lack of a flare gun. When looking closely, it appears that no flare gun model is used, nor is in the game files (the Metrocops in the Canals, for instance, merely use their standard pistols). An unused HUD icon for the flare gun can be found in the Half-Life 2 files.

The weapon was originally to be used by the player to ignite targets. It can be found and used only on the test maps in the Half-Life 2 leak. When shot, the flare sticks to the player when approached and can damage their health.[1] It was likely to be found only in the Arctic levels, at least on the Borealis and in Kraken Base, always stored in "pyrotechnic lockers". There is an unused model version of the locker intended to be used by the player in the files. Disposable emergency flares were also originally to appear in Half-Life, and were finally introduced in Episode One.


Half-Life 2 leak[edit]

  • "Pyrotechnic locker" in Kraken Base.

  • "Pyrotechnic locker" door texture.

  • Texture for Gordon's right arm holding a red flare gun found in the flare gun texture folder of the Half-Life 2 leak. It also features the early leather HEV Suit.

  • Red flare gun side found in the same folder.


  • Flare model, different from the leak version.

  • Emergency flare model from Episode One.

  • Flares fired by ambushing Prison Guards to lit up a dark corridor.

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Flare Gun For Self Defense?!

Daily Post Staff Writer

The San Mateo County District Attorney is looking to file 14 felony gun charges against a man who shot off a flare at in the morning from his home in Hillsborough.

A man called Hillsborough police at a.m. on Feb. 20 to ask if he could fire a flare gun at a birthday party, according to District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe. The dispatcher told the man, later identified as Thom Ruben, 66, not to fire the flare, but he did so anyway, said Wagstaffe.

Police arrived at Rubin&#;s home in the block of Churchill Drive and found he was intoxicated. Officers said he showed them his gun, an ARstyle rifle with a grenade and flare launcher on it, according to Wagstaffe.

Since police initially thought the flare being shot was just a municipal code violation, they gave him a ticket and left.

But a few days later, police found photos on social media of Ruben with various guns, some illegally configured, and discovered that Ruben has been convicted of crimes in Switzerland, which makes it illegal for him to have guns in the state, according to Wagstaffe.

On Feb. 24, police got a search warrant and found multiple guns, illegal fireworks, potassium nitrate, multiple boxes and rounds of ammo and U.S. government-issued body armor, according to Wagstaffe.

Because of the social media posts, Ruben will be charged during his Thursday court appearance with four counts of illegal discharge of a firearm. He also faces 10 felonies related to the various guns, ammo and explosives he had.

Wagstaffe said he is not sure of the exact nature of Ruben&#;s convictions in Switzerland, but said there are a number that would count as felonies in California.

Wagstaffe&#;s office has prosecuted Ruben before for misdemeanors, the DA said.
Ruben is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday and is out of jail.

Sours: https://padailypost.com//03/15/man-who-fired-off-flare-faces-weapons-charges/

Rifle flare

How to Use a Flare Gun

Using a flare gun is quite similar to firing traditional firearms. Pulling the trigger causes the hammer to hit a detonating cap. The detonating cap both fires the flare and causes it to ignite. The gun should be pointed vertically, in the air.

According to the U.S. Coast Guard, you should fire two flares in succession, which allows authorities to both see your signal and try to determine where it came from [source: Orion Safety Products]. If possible, it's best to wait until you see a rescue craft, such as a circling airplane, or know that one is in the area before firing your first flare.

You should conserve your signals and use them judiciously. If you're going out on the ocean, always make sure you have a solid cache of flares that are at most a few years old. If you need help, you may have to use multiple flares, or possibly flares of varying types, to signal and draw rescue craft to your location.

Flare guns can also be used for other purposes besides signaling. Some outdoors types carry flare guns to scare away bears and other predators [source: Tierney]. Be careful though: Firing directly at an animal may harm it -- besides possibly being illegal -- and the heat of the flare can easily lead to a fire that may quickly become out of control.

Flare guns have also been used to deal with pirates off of the Somali coast, an area that has seen an epidemic of piracy in recent years. Ships, both military and civilian cargo boats, often use flares to warn off pirates. In one incident, a Danish cargo ship fired a flare that then landed on a pirate boat, sinking it. The pirates were later taken into custody by the Danish navy.

In an ironic twist, police officers found two men illegally firing automatic weapons in the woods in Westchester County, New York, by following a flare they fired into the air. Although the men later fired their guns at the police, the officers were uninjured, made the arrests and charged the men with a litany of crimes, including attempted murder [source: New York Times].

Sours: https://adventure.howstuffworks.com/survival/gear/use-flare-gun.htm
Can You Beat Fallout 4 With Only A Flare Gun?

Flare gun png images

  • DayZ Flare gun Firearm Weapon, gunshot, handgun, ammunition, rifle png thumbnail
  • Weapon Pistol Firearm Flare gun, weapon, angle, black, weapon png thumbnail
  • Flare gun Pistol Caliber Signal, pistol, angle, handgun, airsoft png thumbnail
  • Gun Fire, Explosion, Shooting, Meteoroid, Bullet, Meteor Shower, Gunshot, Sky, Explosion, Shooting, Meteoroid png thumbnail
  • Trigger Flare gun Firearm Starter Pistols Revolver, weapon, aK47, handgun, weapon png thumbnail
  • Flare gun Distress signal SOLAS Convention Line thrower, others, orange, combustion, smoke png thumbnail
  • Team Fortress 2 Detonator Flare gun Ranged weapon, others, angle, weapon, flare png thumbnail
  • Flare gun Pistol Revolver, others, orange, adapter, fireworks png thumbnail
  • Sprite Firearm Weapon Gun Rimfire ammunition, sprite, angle, aK47, ammunition png thumbnail
  • Lens flare, flare, leaf, hand, fireworks png thumbnail
  • Pyrotechnics Flare Central Boating Smoke Distress signal, orange smoke, orange, smoke, hand Model png thumbnail
  • Weapon Firearm Unturned Rifle Gun barrel, weapon, angle, assault Rifle, machine Gun png thumbnail
  • Flare gun Walking stick Assistive cane Cane gun, walking Cane, handle, flare, antique png thumbnail
  • Fallout 4 Mecha Firearm Gatling gun Flare gun, grenade launcher, shield, grenade Launcher, weapon png thumbnail
  • Weapon Firearm Gas pistol 9mm P.A.K., Handgun, airsoft, handgun, magenta png thumbnail
  • Fallout: New Vegas Weapon Fallout 4 Flare gun Firearm, hand gun, game, video Game, handgun png thumbnail
  • Flare Emergency Safety Car Police, light flare, firefighter, car, vehicle png thumbnail
  • Friday the 13th: The Game Pistol Firearm, Handgun, cdr, monochrome, handgun png thumbnail
  • Starter Pistols Weapon 9×19mm Parabellum Firearm, weapon, handgun, ammunition, airsoft png thumbnail
  • Line art, geometric shapes, leaf, symmetry, flower png thumbnail
  • Smoke signal Distress signal Flare SOLAS Convention, smoke, orange, sound, smoke png thumbnail
  • Flare Amazon.com Serpentine streamer Confetti Garland, others, text, fireworks, flare png thumbnail
  • Weapon Pistol Computer Icons Firearms license, weapon, angle, text, weapon png thumbnail
  • Line thrower Rocket Messerschmitt Me Komet Pyrotechnics Combustion, Rocket, combustion, ship, appliance png thumbnail
  • Cold War Makarov pistol Weapon Охолощённое оружие, weapon, assault Rifle, airsoft, handgun png thumbnail
  • Unturned Ranged weapon Firearm Rifle, chainsaw, angle, technic, ammunition png thumbnail
  • Distress signal Military Pyrotechnics Flare, flare starburst 8 star dpi, computer Hardware, sailor, national Security png thumbnail
  • Team Fortress 2 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Weapon Dota 2, weapon, angle, dota 2, weapon png thumbnail
  • Trigger Firearm Shotgun Computer Icons Weapon, weapon, angle, assault Rifle, handgun png thumbnail
  • Rifle Firearm Gun barrel Blunderbuss Flintlock, weapon, weapon, rifle, century png thumbnail
  • Trigger Killing Floor 2 Revolver Firearm Flare gun, weapon, handgun, weapon, compact png thumbnail
  • Logo Brand Desktop Font, design, blue, text, rectangle png thumbnail
  • Flare Gun, Pistol, Gun, Shoot, png thumbnail
  • Assault rifle Firearm Advanced Individual Combat Weapon Sniper rifle, assault rifle, machine Gun, handgun, weapon png thumbnail
  • Team Fortress 2 Free-to-play Wiki Steam Head, Hony, hat, poster, head png thumbnail
  • Team Fortress 2 Sackcloth .tf Mercenary Cartoon, sackcloth, backpack, cartoon, fictional Character png thumbnail
  • Team Fortress 2 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Dota 2 Steam, others, dota 2, weapon, trade png thumbnail
  • Sword Edged and bladed weapons Firearm Gun, United States Army, weapon, sabre, bookshop png thumbnail
  • Flare Gun, Pistol, Gun, png thumbnail
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