The Most Popular Content You Might Have Missed Last Year

2018 was a year dominated by the unrelenting pace of technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, blockchain and big data in the financial industry.

These emerging topics and trends were covered on Learn@IBF and we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to highlight some of the most read articles that you may have missed.

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  1. Fundamentals of Agile by Susan Kwek, Citi Singapore


Agile is a group of software development methods based on iterative and incremental development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams. While agile is mainly an approach to project manage software development, it is increasingly being used in different products and solutions to bring about greater efficiency.

  1. Are You Ready For The Future Workforce by Robert Bolton, KPMG


Hardly a day goes by, it seems, without apocalyptic warnings that robots in the workplace will create a dystopian destiny. With the convergence of AI, robotic process automation (RPA), machine learning and cognitive platforms at the forefront of the Fourth Industrial revolution, it is important to understand the potential impact that it will have on the shape, size and functions of organizations.

  1. Reimagining The Future Workforce by PwC


We are in the midst of a fundamental transformation in the way we work. Automation and “thinking machines” are replacing human tasks, changing the skills that organizations are looking for in their people. These changes raise huge challenges for organizations and individuals. What does it mean for finance practitioners? What do you need to know, and prepare for “Workforce of the Future”?

  1. 4 Things You Need to Know About Cyber Espionage by Horangi


With advancements in information technology and the international progression towards digitalization of data, we are seeing an emergence of a new typology of espionage called cyber espionage. It is a form of cyber attack that steals classified, sensitive data or intellectual property to gain an advantage over a competitor or government entity. Organizations should know about cyber espionage and how to prevent them.

  1. The 7 Benefits of Agile Transformation by Roy Schilling, IIL Asia


Agile transformation can be an expensive and time-consuming experience that will cause disruption to an organization and its teams. However, the benefits can be bountiful if the right goals and mindset are on board. To realize the full benefits of agile, an organization not only needs to be clear about its goals, but ensure that the heart of its agile transformation is its customers, employees as well as its offering of quality products and services.

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